Zoro Worth the Spotlight on the Wano Story Flow! This is the reason!

Eiichiro Oda presents an interesting division of roles at Whole Cake Island. Luffy still feels as the main character, evident from his conflict against Charlotte Katakuri. However Sanji was really highlighted.

Sanji is Luffy's reason for Whole Cake Island. The past story of the chef was revealed, until we know what he did before work so little chef. In addition, Sanji's abilities such as cooking, avoidance of attacks, and super agility were highlighted until the end of WCI.

Well, it feels to flow Wano later, Zoro deserves the spotlight like this. Here are five reasons!



Bounty It's Overtaken Sanji



Zoro is known as the Second Straw Hatman. No wonder he is a member of both groups who scored, after the events in Alabasta. Usually Zoro's game is second under Luffy, while Sanji – who often apes to this affair – is left behind.

Due to Whole Cake Island, for the first time Sanji outperformed Zoro in terms of bounty . He was excited to realize this, before the pundung because his name was printed "Vinsmoke Sanji."

Actually in terms of physical strength does the writer feel that Zoro and Sanji are not much different. So if bounty they are merely ten-twenty million reasonable.

But Oda sometimes likes to work on Sanji. Sanji poster just never make this chef satisfied, from the ugly picture, the value of the game under Zoro, to the name written complete Vinsmoke Sanji.

The author feels there is a possibility after Sanji is excited because bounty is bigger than Zoro, the edges after Wano is finished bounty Zoro actually darted so far as to approach Luffy.

Another reason why Zoro deserves the spotlight in the Wano groove can you check on the second page!

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