Yuk Kenalan with J-Town Animation Series, The Simpsons Versi Indonesia


Animated series J-Town is the nation's newest animated film that aired on NET TV since October 21st. How does the cartoon story resemble the The Simpsons series?

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In the last few years, animated films made by the nation's children slowly began to rise. If you were only served by Japanese anime films dubbing using Indonesian and animated series made by neighboring countries that quite dominate, but recently some Indonesian animated films began to steal the show.

Call it like cartoon Adit & Sopo Jarwo which aired on MNC TV. Or also the cartoon family drama entitled Somat Family which aired in Indosiar.

One of the nation's newest cartoons is airing on national TV. The cartoon series titled J-Town seemed to give fresh air to people who missed the cartoon spectacle of the 90's.

J-Town has a quite different concept than other Indonesian animations. Artwork presented J-Town looks like animation The Simpson but packed with a style of Indonesian lifestyle.

Present at NET TV since October 21st, animation done by Kumata Studio takes up the life story of a family living in a flats called J-Town. J-Town is the only last legacy of Pak Jaya's father.

In the tower, the late Pak Jaya's father who roamed in J-Town asked Jaya, Ayu, Mrs. Tini, Kevin, and Keti to stay and keep J-Town and its inhabitants.

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One thing that is quite unique from the animated series J-Town is not a typical Indonesian cartoon that runs in the morning or school hours, NET TV chooses to show J-Town at 21.00 WIB.

Widharini as producer of NET TV for this program tells the reason why J-Town aired at night. "Because J-Town does not specify stories for children. So in slot view we are free to play in any hour. Right now NET airs J-Town at prime time weekend (Saturday and Sunday), "Widharini said as quoted by Popcon Asia.

Expected animated series J-Town can stimulate more cooperation between television stations and other animation studios. Thus, the Indonesian animation world can continue to grow and be able to match the animated works of neighboring countries or even Hollywood animation.

Well for those of you who are curious how the joy of the story of Pak Jaya and his family in the house J-Town, look forward every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 pm on NET TV.


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