Yua Fujisaki, New Youtuber Virtual Ready to Compete with Kizuna Ai!

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<p> <em> gogoanimestv.com – Yua Fujisaki, The Newest Virtual Youtuber Ready to Compete with Kizuna Ai! </em> </p>
<p> The more soaring name of Kizuna Ai on his Youtube Channel this time there is another new YouTuber's 'waifu-able' yaotu Yua Fujisaki. </p>
<p> Produced by Exys Inc., Yua Fujisaki is promoted as a digital YouTuber. This virtual character is produced by Digital Frontier Inc., which also makes Gantz: O films and in the Infini-T Force project. </p>
<p> We see yuk, this YUA! </p>
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Yua is a high school student, he uses YouTube to make friends. Just like anime girl in general, it has some unique characteristics. He explained that his hobbies and craftsmanship were just sleeping and drawing.

Yua itself has appeared in TGS 2017 yesterday and costumed with idol orientation. Yes, nakama tachi is not wrong if Yua is similar to AKB0048, because the costume designer is Shinobu Kayano, the main designer of AKB48.

So nakama tachi prefer Yua or Kizuna Ai nih ??

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