You Can Want and Suggest To Character Gintama In This Way!


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<h4> Got a problem? Want to tell about the problem and get advice? You can tell stories with characters from <em> Gintama! </em> </h4>
<p> <em> Gintama </em> comes back with something unique and different. This time, <em> Gintama </em> teamed up with one of Snackers' snack products as well as a LINE messaging application. </p>
<p> The name of this program is <em> Yorozuya Gin-chan AI Advice Room </em> or The Advisory Room of AI Yorozuya Gin-chan. <em> </em> There will be an official </em> account containing each member of Yorozuya Gin-chan, Sakata Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi, and Kagura. </p>
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Each of them will advise on all the complaints you ask. But each character has its own specialization and varies every character.

Gintoki will answer all your questions regarding work, love life and also the future. Shinpachi is a bit weird. The glasses will answer your questions about Idol, as well as complex issues (can be in a strange sense, as well as embarrassing). While Kagura answers questions and suggestions about friendship.

Judging from the pictures on his website, the possibility of other characters will follow.

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<p> How to consult Yorozuya Gin-chan? First, of course you should add <em> official </em> Yorozuya Gin-chan account which will be released soon on October 10th. About this, you can see it through its official website here. </p>
<p> You must buy the usual size Snickers as well as <em> fun size </em>then take a picture of it. Send the photo to <em> official </em> account, then you can start consulting with Yorozuya Gin-chan. </p>
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