You Can Buy Official One Piece T-shirts at Uniqlo!


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<h4> You like the serial <em> One Piece </em>? Surely this One Piece </em> shirt </em> is not to be missed! </h4>
<p> Of course if you like <em> One Piece </em>then all kinds of knick knacks you can not miss is not it? Good news for all of you who love <em> One Piece, </em> Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing company that also existed in Indonesia has released T-shirts <em> One Piece </em>! </p>
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Of course, the T-shirt based on Eiichiro Oda's manga is official and official from One Piece you know! There are various interesting motifs from the coas that you can collect and have it all.

There is a pictorial character from [OnePiece especially a member of a straw hat pirate crew. There are also only have the writing in front of his shirt. Below are some examples that can be seen on Uniqlo Indonesia official website:

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<p> Those are some examples of t-shirts that use character images in <em> One Piece </em>. There's a yellow Soul King Brook complete with Shark Guitar in his hand. In addition, there is also Portgas D. Ace with a very stunning fire. </p>
<p> For women, there are also clothes that suit you. Tony Tony Chopper's picture is sitting on a pile of books. Because this pink shirt is combined with a funny Chopper, so can add a sweet impression for women who wear them. </p>
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You are interested, can directly come to the nearest Uniqlo store in your area, there are in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. For more information about this shirt, you can directly see through its website here.

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