Yorozuya Disband! This is the reason they are three apart at the end of the Gintama manga!

Good news, because the manga of Gintama who is predicted to be finished in chapter 670 turns out to be wrong, though not entirely wrong. The battle in Edo against Utsuro is over, and won by the inhabitants of Earth, so that they can live again in peace.

But surprisingly, after the war was over, the Yorozuya group broke up and the three of them parted ways. Why did Yorozuya disperse and Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura are not together anymore? Is there a conflict between them?

Apparently not, there is a reason that makes Yorozuya disperse, that is "desire". The intent of the desire here is that once the war is over, they have their own goals, and Gintoki as the leader of this organization is the one who allows them to pursue their desired goals.

What are their goals until Yorozuya finally broke up?


Kagura (Awakening Sadaharu)

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<p> Kagura is the first person to express his wish to Yorozuya. We all know, Kagura has a pet as well as a friend that is Sadaharu, the giant Inugami dog who always accompany him. But nowadays, Sadaharu is "asleep" due to his fight in the previous war (no writer will describe it because he did not want to give <em> spoiler </em>). </p>
<p> According to Ane and Mone, the two siblings who previously took care of Inugami, the possibility of Sadaharu getting up again is inexplicable, and has not found his way. It may be that he will wake up tomorrow, but Sadaharu will never wake up again, and will fall asleep forever. </p>
<p> Of course Kagura can not take this for granted, he wants to make Sadaharu wake up again. Finally Kagura asks permission to his closest people (his family and Yorozuya) to travel to other planets, as it is very likely there is Inugami on another planet, and they could have a way to wake Sadaharu. </p>
<p> Shinpachi initially opposes Kagura's wishes, or at least invites them (Yorozuya) to wander, but Kagura does not want to, and has made up his mind to help Sadaharu alone. Here, Gintoki expresses Kagura's wishes, and instead Gintoki says, he also has his own wishes, then asks, what is Shinpachi's desire? </p>
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<h2 class= Shinpachi (Forwarding Yorozuya)

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<p> When asked about the desire, of course Shinpachi also have, and the desire is only one, that is forward Yorozuya. He does not want a place where he finds his true identity and becomes a useless person that just disappears. </p>
<p> In the end Shinpachi goes on to name Yorozuya Gin-chan, even wearing a glimpse similar to Gintoki's, and also making her hair a bit messy. It seems that Gintoki approves Shinpachi's wishes, therefore he does not mind his name being used again by this versatile service. </p>
<p> Unfortunately, since Gintoki and Kagura have their own desires, Shinpachi is alone in this business, and he wants to be as cool and cool as Gintoki once helped him. </p>
<h4> <strong> What about Gintoki? What does he want? Check the next page. </strong> </h4>
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