Yahhh, Director Tatsuki Will Not Return to Project Kemono Friends


Although a lot of petitions and various ways have been taken to get back Tatsuki director to Kemono Friends but the results are in vain

Still remember the anger of the fans of Kemono Friends when he knew that the director who made all the miracles happen was issued by Kadokawa as the licensee without a clear cause?

The incident was able to make the entire Japanese internet angry and convulsive. The dismissal brought many impacts such as trending topic on the Twitter world, Kadokawa stock decline, Kadokawa boss panic, to death threats from fans against Kadokawa.

Many fans of this series look forward to when Tatsuki will return to the point of making many petitions for Tatsuki to return to work Kemono Friends but it turns out that hope has run aground and just become empty hope alone

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Producer of Kemono Friends Yoshitada Fukuhara stated that Tatsuki as well as the Yaoyorozu studio will not return to this anime project next. This is conveyed through his Twitter account.

"This is the final report and regarding our separation from the second season, it (the second season) is not canceled. We do our best to respond to everyone's expectations with Inoue, but we can not do that, I'm sorry. "

Gonjang ganjing about director Tatsuki, Yaoyorozu and Kadokawa studios allegedly started when Kadokawa kicked Yaoyorozu from this project for copyright infringement. Fans believe that the culprit of this problem is the episode of Kemono Friends 12.1 and the various collaborative videos of this series produced without Kadokawa's permission.

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However, Fukuhara told fans that the Yaoyorozu studio did indeed have permission to produce the video and the creator of franchise Mine Yoshizaki even gave them permission to distribute doujin Kemono Friends at Comic Market.

Ultimately, Fukuhara is sad because Yaoyorozu and his entire staff will produce a second season in March 2018. Kadokawa withdrew the production in August but did not give a full explanation to Fukuhara. He ended his Twitter cue on which he said he had resigned as a producer Kemono Friends dam said, "Although only in a short time, but I am proud of what we do together."

Kadokawa said that the production of the second season Kemono Friends was delayed, but will resume in the near future.

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