Wow, Trafalgar Law and Supernova Actually Just Cameo's Unimportant Characters!


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<h4 style= Eiichiro Oda confesses that Trafalgar Law and Supernova are not really important characters in One Piece! Check out the full comments of the creators here!

Supernova-or later known as Worst Generation-is 11 pirates who have bounty over a hundred million Belly. Luffy and Zoro themselves are among the Supernova. Well, these Supernovas first appeared and gathered at Sabaody Archipelago arc .

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After the Sabaody Archipelago arc alone, the Supernovas like Trafalgar Law and Capone Gang Bege experienced remarkable character development and arguably played an important role in the story One Piece . However, do you know that these people are really just unimportant cameo characters?

Eiichiro Oda, the creator One Piece through an interview in the magazine One Piece Log the 27th commented on these Supernovas. When questioned, whose character is highlighted above expectations, the mangaka replied:

"I have to call Trafalgar Law. Actually, it's no exaggeration if I say that these Supernova is highlighted more than I think. I created them just before their chapter was introduced. None of them appeared in my plan before their chapter appeared. "

As Oda created the Shichibukai, he accidentally created the number of Supernovas to be too much:

"At that time I was desperate and worried, 'If this is the case, Sabaody arc will not be interesting enough.' Then, the inspiration to make 9 Supernovas arose unconsciously. I was thinking of reducing the amount because it was too much, but in the end I made them all appear in the manga !!

"I'm really surprised to know they still survive today because I think half of the Supernovas will be eliminated upon entering New World. ka the worst (the worst), as they came from the worst generation ( Worst Generation ).

" I think Kid will be an important character, but … Law !! I did not expect him to be an important character. The weekly serialization is something amazing. "


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Uniquely, Eiichiro oda has planned that Luffy et al will be separated since Kuma's appearance in chapter 233. At that time, Oda's editor, Onishi, advised Oda to execute the plan at Sabaody. Oda replied, "Would not it be interesting if there were new characters appearing?"

In just three hours thereafter, Oda finished designing all Supernova! Wow, really great, huh?

So far, who are the Supernova (or Worst Generation) members you like? Say your opinion in the comment field yes!

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