Wow, this YuGiOh Card is Making the Users Lose!




Usually the YuGiOh card is used to win in a duel. But these cards even give victory to the enemy, you know! What YuGiOh Card is it?

Logically, we play YuGiOh -or whatever game it is-to win. Well, there are a lot of YuGiOh cards that can be used to win. Some YuGiOh cards will even give you an automatic win. However, there are also cards that if used even make you lose- Why, why …?

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Before you confuse relationship between Seto Mulyadi and Seto Kaiba why there is a card that even make you lose, let me explain first. So this way, in YuGiOh there is the name of his name Duel Winners -which in google translate means: 決 闘 受 賞 者 (Note: please google translate again to Bahasa Indonesia ^^)

Well, Duel Winners will give the conditions that cause the player to win. In this case, the enemy will win an automatic victory.

So, the cards that are mentioned here are not as useful as Sakura Uchiha? Actually, not really! Although it gives victory to the enemy, but this effect is active when you should lose.

Here, usually, these cards will be active when you should lose. Once active, your defeat will be delayed. However, if the card will provide a condition that if fulfilled, then your enemy will prevail.

In a way, you are given a longer life than an Exodia body that is not visible on the card.

Well, so far, there are two cards YuGiOh which instead gives the opponent a winning condition. The cards can be seen on page 2!



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