Wow, the Four Uchiha Clan Members Successfully Overcome The Hate Curse!


Living in the darkness is a reward of Uchiha clan power. However, these four shinobi managed to overcome the hereditary hate curse of the Uchiha clan. Who are they?

The Uchiha clan is one of the strongest clans in Konoha. Regardless, there is a curse of hatred that haunts every member of the Uchiha clan. Actually the curse comes from their love ego.

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His deep love for someone or something turns into hatred when they lose someone or something.

However, there are among the Uchiha clans who managed to overcome this hate curse. Here are the 4 shinobi.


Shisui Uchiha

Believing in disbelief, Shisui never even fell into the path of cursing hatred. The way he handles the downcast curse of his clan is by dedicating himself to Konoha, not to the clan.

He had never let darkness take hold of his heart. He had refused to help his colleague, because his partner was more talented than himself. As soon as his partner died, great guilt pierced Shisui and awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan.

Because of that incident Shisui developed into one of the best people in the Uchiha clan. Even at his last blood spot he chose to sacrifice his eyes to help Itachi.


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Itachi Uchiha

There are still many people who know Itachi as a big criminal. Even in the world Naruto alone had a great Shin Uchiha, who idolized his misguided vision of Itachi.

Whereas this one shinobi actually successfully avoid the curse of hatred during his life. Also when he was resurrected.

But if it's a matter of hatred, actually Itachi has many reasons to grudge. This is the person who has to kill his own clan for the good of the village! In addition it is actually he who causes Sasuke, his own brother, fell into the curse of hatred.

Even so, everything Itachi did was really for the good of his village and also Sasuke. (Even if the torture he gave to Sasuke was a bit too much). He never really grew to any party.

With a good heart and dedication to the village, Shisui and Itachi managed to escape the curse that haunted their clan. Not so with the two people on the second page. They had long wallow in the curse before they got away!


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