Wow! Reiju Eating Devil Fruit ?! It's The Power Theory of Reiju Devil Fruit!

Based on One Piece Magazine vol. 1 which was published on July 7, 2017 and then, the power of Reiju can certainly come from the Devil Fruit. The question is, what kind of power does the Devil Fruit Reiju have?

When Reiju first appeared immediately gave a deep impression due to the "kiss" given to the Captain of the Straw Hats. Thanks to Reiju kiss that poison that almost killed Luffy managed to disappear just like sucked by Reiju. As if? Perhaps the Devil Fruits eaten Reiju instead gives the power to suck the poison from the body of others.

What then is the power of the Devil Fruit Reiju?

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<p> From the wings that are on his back could be the power of the Devil's Fruit of Reiju has something to do with the butterfly. If Reiju can turn into a butterfly and use its power, it means that this Devil Fruit Reiju is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit. </p>
<p> From the first appearance we can also see how Reiju sucks the poison from Luffy's body and gives the impression that the poison has a good taste for him. This means that poison is a common food for Reiju or rather, the form of Zoan Reiju. In addition to his recent recent appearances in <em> One Piece </em> 898 Reiju was also shown to expel his own poison from within his body to attack the enemy that is targeting Sanji. </p>
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So in addition to having the ability to suck poison, the Devil Fruit Reiju also makes it capable of removing its own toxins. What kind of butterfly can give you so much strength associated with poison that it is called Poison Pink?

Many fans from various forums One Piece out there who suspect that this Reiju Devil Fruit is a Fruit Chou Chou ( Chou means Butterfly) model Monarch Butterfly . This type of butterfly has the ability to suck cardenolide which is a toxic compound of a particular plant. Thanks to this ability also the butterfly Monarch Butterfly itself can be said to be poisonous if consumed by its predators.

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<p> Remember, Luffy actually has tremendous endurance against poison and that time Luffy was really tormented due to the consumption of poisonous fish. Meaning to be able to suck the poison from Luffy's body, Reiju must have a higher endurance than Luffy. Means the type of butterfly Reiju must have the ability to survive from a very strong poison. Not surprisingly, some fans <em> One Piece </em> suspect that <em> Monarch Butterfly </em> who does have the ability to suck this poison as a form of Zoan from the Devil Fruit Reiju. </p>
<p> But there is also the opinion that the ability to suck this poison comes from Germa technology and not Devil Fruit. </p>
<p> It is possible to get there, but the author feels this ability has nothing to do with Germa technology. So far the technology Germa makes for Vinsmoke children deals with weapons and how to make living things as heartless weapons or <em> cyborgs </em>. It's strange that they decided to add features where Reiju was able to enjoy the poison. </p>
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If indeed the ability was obtained from Vinsmoke technology, especially if knowing their inhuman father, should provide the ability to absorb toxins alone is enough and no need to make it able to enjoy the toxins that dihisap. If Reiju comes to enjoy the taste of the poison, it means this ability comes from something more natural and not handmade.

So what do you think? Does this poison-sucking force come from a Reiju Devil Fruit or Germa technology? Answer in the comment field, yes!

Source: wikipedia

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