Wow! Not a Week Sales of One Piece 87 Exceeding 1.5 Million Coffees!


 One Piece sales "One Piece </em> returns skyrocketed! This time not until a week of One Piece comic sales volume of 87 has reached 1.5 million copies! </h4>
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Who does not know One Piece ? A Japanese comic-themed pirate with Monkey D. Luffy as the main character. Aspiring to become the Pirate King, we are invited to follow Luffy's adventures and the members of the Straw Hat Pirates across the seas. Even though it has not read One Piece surely none of you have never heard of it.

It is not new in the Japanese world of motorcycling that the [OnePiece sale is often at the very top of the rank. Since its inception One Piece this comic has several times dominated the top ranks of comics. But who would have thought it would be as high as this?

One Piece Volume 87 was sold on November 2, 2017 yesterday, and anime news network made a list of Japan comic sales rankings from 30 October to 5 November 2017. One Piece alone has exceeded 1.500,000 copies even though it has not passed a week since its release date.

 One Piece sales "
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Within that period, One Piece achieved sales of approximately 1,505,639 copies, much less than in the second rank, My Hero Academia Volume 16 which sold only 274,338 copies, the difference between the two exceeded the one million.Classics Boruto was not able to enter the top 5, with sales of only up to about 136,286 copies.

It seems quite clear that [OnePiece dominates the sale of comics in Japan there, is not it?

One Piece Volume 87 is set in story on Island Whole Cake with the Big Mom Pirates group as its main enemy. There are ten chapters in One Piece Volume 87, starting from chapters 870 to chapter 879. The main theme of the story in this volume is the rescue of Sanji, the Chef of the Straw Hat Pirate. Until now arc The island Whole Cake still has not reached its conclusions and it is predicted that the beginning of the year 2018 goes to the new arc arc Wano State .

Are you guys also going to be the one that boosts sales One Piece Volume 87? Respect the copyright of the author by buying the original comic, yes!

Source: anime news network


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