Wow, Manga Tokyo Ghoul: re It's Going Around Again!

It feels like a long time for readers Tokyo Ghoul: re to feel this one manga will end in the near future.

Well, it turns out right, Tokyo Ghoul: re will be over soon. Chapter 176 manga Tokyo Ghoul: re supplemented with the announcement below.

Yep, Tokyo Ghoul: re will be finished in three more chapters. If we count from chapter 176, then this one manga will end in chapter 179.

If you are among those who read leaks up to chapter 176, this final sign may already be felt. A number of antagonists who had acted long ago finally died. Mystery after mystery revealed the answer.

Now, it is the turn of the manga's main character to complete one more plot plot remaining.


Author does not see any signs Tokyo Ghoul: re will end by hanging. All plot points seem to have been closed one by one by Sui Ishida as mangaka. The only question remains whether ending will come to an end happily or the main character of this manga will again feel the tragedy.

Still from the same announcement, it is rumored also that the anime Tokyo Ghoul: re will still continue. The second season of the anime will air in October 2018. Your wait will not be too long, is it?

In addition, if the manga is also indeed to be completed in three chapters, the anime Tokyo Ghoul: re also feels like it will speed up. The reason, Studio Pierrot as the production team so no need to set the tempo so as not to go beyond his manga again.

The author hopes that the weaknesses of season 1 can be handled for his season 2 . We look forward to it.

Aaah, neither manga nor manga Tokyo Ghoul: re will be finished soon. What do you think? What will the end of this story be like? Convey in the comment field!

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