Wow, Jaden Smith Will Be Voice In Anime?


The anime title to be starring Jaden Smith is Neo Yokio and will air by the end of this month.

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Any of you who still remember the above cuitan? Cuitan had made Jaden Smith's name into a meme for a while. Now, four years later, Jaden Smith again made an internet world stir because he got a job to become a voice in an anime titled Neo Yokio .

This anime is a pretty good collaboration between Netflix, Production I.G. and DEEN. They teamed up with vocalists from the band Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig and also with Jaden Smith to make a short series using an anime style.

Not only Jaden Smith, "anime" this one also has a pretty famous voice. Among them are: Jude Law, Susan Sarandron, to Steve Buscemi

The synopsis given by Netflix to Neo Yokio is as follows:

Welcome to Neo Yokio, the best city in the world. This city is the city with the largest population in North America, but size is not the only splendor of this city. In it, there are various innovations, with fashion as its center.

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<p> The character played by Jaden Smith is Kaz Kaan, the youngest member of a "magistokrat" family, a demonic pheasant with pink hair that once rescued their town. But for Kaz, the business of eradicating the devil is just a side job because he is too busy shopping, playing field hockey, and healing the hurt him. </p>
<p> In his daily life, Kaz has a robot maid named Charles whose voice is filled by Jude Law. He also has two inseparable friends named Lexy and Gottlieb. All these characters will help Kaz in his life in Neo Yokio, especially to defeat his most famous rival, Arcangelo Coelli. </p>
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Even so, Kaz's comfortable daily life must be disturbed when he meets Helena St. Tessero who is a former fashion blogger of the largest in Neo Yokio. Since their meeting, Kaz continues to find strange things where he lives, and maybe it's time for Kaz to accept his family's work to root out the devil.

From the trailer shown by the author, the animation seems rigid. Not to mention the robot design that raises many question marks. But if you are interested, this 6 episode series will appear on Netflix on September 22nd. The trailer itself can be seen below.

Source: Goboiano, edited by Fachrul Razi


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