Wow, in South Korea Kimi no na Wa More Wanted from Goblins!


In what way would the movie love story of Taki and Mitsuha be able to defeat popular Korean dramas among young people today?

The war of pop lovers of Japanese and South Korean culture is very hot especially in each fandom which continues to fly the war flag let alone in cyberspace.

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Japanese lovers who usually adore anime and dorama as well as Korean lovers who usually worship Korean dramas. This time, it seems like Korean fans and South Koreans themselves must submit to Kimi no Na wa .

This Makoto Shinkai-made movie has become the most searched word in Google Korea in South 2017. In the sequence released on Thursday, December 14, 2017 it's Kimi no na Wa which was released in 2016 still survive in terms of its popularity in South Korea.

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Kimi no na Wa alone managed to defeat big names in South Korea as Korea's most popular and phenomenal drama is Dokkaebi or better known by the name Goblin which is in second position. It's amazing because this Korean drama itself is very popular in the land of ginseng.

Being in the third position there is a former group of f (x) Sulli who has left the group from 2015. In addition, the most frequently searched word on Google Korea South is murder in the girls' special junior, Lineage M and South Korean president Moon Jae-in.


Kimi no Na wa has become a sensation in Japan during 2016. The film tells of the love story between Mitsuha and Taki who lives in different backgrounds and have the ability to exchange bodies has earned US $ 303 million in domestic income and has been sitting in the first position of the Japan office for 12 weeks.

The film also became the best-selling film in Japan throughout 2016 beating the other box office such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens Shin Godzilla Zootopia and, Finding Dory . The film, directed by Makoto Shinkai also managed to deliver 10% of revenue from the total profit of Japanese films throughout 2016.

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