Wow, Devilman Crybaby Criticized All For This Due!


Although many praise and admiration for the results remake from the legendary manga series Devilman entitled Devilman Crybaby it turns out there are those who criticize this outrageously. Why ya?

Serial remake from the legendary manga by Go Nagai Devilman entitled Devilman Crybaby is indeed successful in making the whole world amaze and praises it for the animation and the story that is displayed really, completely different from the anime in general and able to introduce Devilman to millenial generation around the world.

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Despite reaping a lot of praise from around the world, the anime series that aired on Netflix did not escape the criticism.

A sharp and sharp criticism to Devilman Crybaby comes from Youhei Kurose who is an artist, art critic, and anime critic. He threw his criticism through his Twitter account.

After criticizing all-out Pop Team Epic, he stated that Devilman Crybaby had a far more serious problem than the anime of two girls who played with meme and references pop culture.

He said that the person who praised the series made by Masaaki Yuasa is likely to review and discuss the anime as an "anime of international level" or "anime that can compete globally."

Yuasa's style is different from most anime that usually rely on cute characters with the usual drawing style on Devilman Crybaby allegedly made Kurose make this spicy statement.

According to Kurose, this kind of thinking leads to "anime anime = Japanese" and "subculture stylish and cool = popular all over the world." Otaku anime alone may be shown by most anime made to satisfy otaku rather than displaying different visuals like the anime made by Masaaki Yuasa.

Kurose explains that he thinks this distinction is not true, but according to him Yuasa is appointed to make this anime because people believe that anime that does not look like anime has a greater chance to succeed internationally than "anime otaku."

As a result, Kurose says the series unfortunately merely becomes "an anime subculture ".

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He also considered Devilman Crybaby to become an "anime international level" is a "domestic disease" for failing to apply the Japanese anime culture. He explained the story, script, and guidance of the anime is pretty ugly and said that the anime that aired on TV has much better quality.

This criticism was immediately responded by the director Masaaki Yuasa on his Twitter account and immediately replied, "wrong".

He immediately refutes Kurose's words and answers,

"You are free to say whatever opinion you like. I do not mean to find fault with the opinions of ordinary people. But if that opinion is my own acquaintance, I will object. Since they have no reason to accidentally offend those who I think are doing a good job, I have no reason to be silent. "

Related to the rebuttal, Kurose responded positively to the response of Yuasa but he did not alter his views and criticism.

In addition, he said that people criticized his mention of the conflict "otaku vs. subculture ". He explained that he wanted the comment to show how Japanese pop culture could be buried due to outside influences.

The word "subculture" in Japanese has the same meaning in Indonesia as part of a culture. However, in Japan this word has a specific meaning especially regarding otaku culture

The concept of "otaku vs. subculture "itself became a topic of discussion in Japan since the 90s. The conflict between the two terms is partly due to attempts to distinguish the "otaku culture" from more mainstream "subcultures" that do not represent the "otaku culture."

However, some people now believe that the "otaku vs. subculture" conflict is contrived or outdated.

Maybe if in Indonesia this case is the same as the occasion where some say that the cartoon from America is not anime and the original anime came from Japan. Though China also has now made anime with Japanese staff in it.

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