Worthy Dinanti! Vegeta Surpass Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Super 123?!


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<h4> <em> Dragon Ball Super Preview </em> 123 reveals that Vegeta surpasses Super Saiyan Blue! But what strength did he get? And how can he awaken it? </h4>
<p> About since last week, it has been revealed that Vegeta's fight against Jiren will not go smoothly. Because the synopsis <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 123 says so, </p>
<p> Only Universe 7, led by Son Goku, and Universe 11 are left in <em> Tournament of Power </em> with remaining 7 minutes. Vegeta uses all his strength to fight Jiren from Universe 11, but Jiren remains no less. On the other hand, Vegeta is severely injured and in trouble! </p>
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But you did not have to wait Dragon Ball Super 123 to see Jiren humiliate Vegeta. Even in 122 it was revealed that after Jiren decided not to restrain himself, Vegeta can he made month-monthly. Super Saiyan Blue Final Flash alone does no good to face Jiren.

Compulsory Vegeta surpasses Super Saiyan Blue to fight Jiren and fulfill his promise to Cabba. But can he? Looking at preview the next episode, it seems that he can.

Preview upcoming episode mentions that Goku's tactics against Jiren failed. But suddenly Vegeta surpasses Super Saiyan Blue and is able to give resistance to Jiren again.

Vegeta's new strength does not seem to be an Ultra Instinct. Preview does not show any new form of it at all.

However Dragon Ball Super preview 123 shows an interesting picture, which you can see above. There is shown the power of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta aura looks slightly different than usual.

Compare the picture above with the Vegeta form below.

Does Vegeta access Super Saiyan Blue 2? We'll see the official development in episode 123. It would be interesting if indeed power up Goku after this focus to Ultra Instinct while Vegeta goes further deeper into the SSB.

Then how can Vegeta access this new power? In episode 122, Jiren says that Vegeta will not be able to defeat him because the Saiyan prince's box is too arrogant.


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Jiren tries to prove that his arrogance will not prevent him from becoming stronger. But in fact his strongest attack could not hurt Jiren.

So it is probable that Vegeta will try to overcome ego and arrogance in his attacks, resulting in a purer power.

What do you think? Will power up Vegeta help him face Jiren, so he can restore Universe 6 and go to Planala Sadala with Cabba? Convey in the comment field!


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