Worrying! Will Gohan Be Out of Dragon Ball Super 120?


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<h4> <em> Dragon Ball Super Preview </em> 120 is quite alarming. Will Gohan be eliminated in next week's episode? Maybe so. This is the discussion! </h4>
<p> Before starting a discussion of whether Gohan will be eliminated or not, be warned: this review may contain <em> spoiler </em>. So if you have not seen it yourself <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 119, it is recommended to be careful. </p>
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If you are already watching or do not mind the leak anyway, please continue to read the review below. But again caution, this discussion not only contained spoilers last episode, but also potentially spoiler upcoming episodes!


Kok There Gohan Allegedly Disappeared?

There are several factors that make writers suspect Gohan was knocked out in Dragon Ball Super 120.

First: somehow, Gohan became the main spotlight on preview Dragon Ball Super 120. He even replaced Goku as the narrator and promised to exert his full power.


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The problem: unless you're Goku, usually the 7th fighters of Universe 7 will be eliminated in the episode where they show off. Krillin was eliminated after a number of impressive acts. Tien was knocked out after handling sniper Universe 2. Piccolo eliminated two fighters first before finally breaking out.

Only Roshi alone eliminates longer. He survived after getting rid of Universe 4, but had survived until his body was seriously injured by Frost.

Second factor: preview Dragon Ball Super episode 121.

Yes, in preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 120, Gohan promised he will exert his full power and deal with Universe 3. The problem, this is the synopsis for episode 121.

The 3 Universe 3 fighters band together and fight Goku and his comrades as the fight between the Universe reaches its peak. However, it looks like Universe 3 is still hiding something.

Whatever happens, Gohan clearly failed to get rid of Universe 3 in the upcoming episode. Not only the 3 Universe 3 fighters remained until the episode 121, but it turns out the robots still have a secret that has not been revealed.

If this is so, the author is to imagine Gohan exerting his ultimate form, but the edges are eliminated as well.

The third factor: it looks like Universe 3 will eliminate at least one Universe 7 fighter before being knocked out.

Come to think of it, Universe 6 successfully eliminated a single fight Universe 7 (Krillin, by Frost). Universe 2 succeeds in eliminating one too (Tien). Then Universe 4 had time to eliminate one before destroyed (Piccolo).

Given the Tournament of Power in a dozen minutes, it's certain there will be one more fighter who was eliminated, to make the audience more tense. Gohan could eventually be eliminated because of the hands of the robots of Universe 3.

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