Will There be Two Yonko Uprooted in One Piece Wano's Groove?!

The article about the possibility of two Yonko uprooted in the Wano's groove clearly contains spoiler .

For those who only watch the anime version One Piece it is not recommended to read further.


In Japan, the Whole Cake Island groove has officially ended for the manga version. (The anime version has just entered the hot part).

This one path ends uniquely. Big Mom survived the battle with a good fit. He may lose some things (Zeus, and his Poneglyph is copied), but he is not subdued either.

When will Big Mom meet Luffy again? Looks like in the near future.

Monkey D. Luffy has just made the wrath of two Yonko at once. First he makes Kaido angry by destroying the production of SMILE. Second he makes Big Mom angry by rifling his island and ruining his plan to take Germa technology.

From a dialogue in One Piece 907, it seems that this action made Big Mom decide to go to Wano!

Dialogue between Big Mom and Kaido shows that Big Mom is still eager to hunt Luffy. He even intended to visit Wano, though mighty Kaido threatened to kill Linlin if he came.

This will definitely make the Wano War going to be epic once. Now the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has been anxious to fight Kaido. (Especially since the Great Armor of the Straw Hats seems to be moving entirely).

Linlin's visit to Wano also makes the Whole Cake Island groove even more plausible. Why is the end of the path so hurried? Because Oda has prepared a battle more cool and conclusive in Wano!

If Linlin can visit Wano without stopping, and he re-ally with Kaido, then the victory will be more difficult Luffy achieved. Even so, this will be the right moment to conquer Big Mom and Kaido, two Yonko uprooted at once. The path to Raftel was wide open

The author of the Whole Cake Island writers was the giants who knew Linlin (Hajrudin and Gerd for example) did not get a chance to fight the one Yonko.

Now, the Great Straw Hats are likely to be called Luffy later in Wano. If Linlin would fight with Kaido to chop off Luffy's head, then Hajrudin, Gerd, and the others would have the chance to bring Linlin down.

Can these two mighty Yonko fall together? The author feels that's possible.

But if it is so, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard can be jubilant. Big Mom left Whole Cake Island alone he could use to storm the island and take the Road Poneglyph.

How do you think? Will Big Mom continue to visit Wano and fight with Kaido against Luffy? If so, how can Luffy beat them? Will there be two Yonko uprooted in the Wano groove, leaving only Shanks, Blackbeard, and the Fifth Yonko? Convey your theory in the comment field!

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