Will there be Otsutsuki Clan's War on Shinobi's Future ?! This is the reason!

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Boruto episode 53 gives a lot of speculation material. One of the most interesting? It seems that there will be a big war between the Otsutsuki clan against the future shinobi! In fact … is it possible that the war will lead to the destruction of Konoha?

This indication is the author of the important interaction between Urashiki and Toneri at the beginning Boruto episode 53. Seriously, albeit briefly, the dialog between these two Otsutsuki could be a harbinger for the future of the serial Boruto .

One of the most important is Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki are only representatives of the main family of the Otsutsuki clan. The Otsutsuki clan family also keeps an eye on events on Earth Naruto, as evidenced by Urashiki knowing about Toneri's defeat in The Last: Naruto the Movie


What do you think will happen if this family finds out that Momoshiki was killed by Boruto? They may take this as a war challenge, and will invade the Earth in the near future.


Interestingly, it is this threat that Kaguya seems to watch out for until he prepares the White Zetsu army. He does not just anticipate the arrival of a Momoshiki, he seems to know that the main family of the Otsutsuki clan will threaten him, so he prepares to fight them all.

This possibility arouses some interesting speculation. Continued discussion of the possibility of clan war Otsutsuki opponent shinobi this you can read below. But be careful, the authors will also discuss the plot of the manga version, so this will probably contain spoilers.




Boruto Can Be The Major Expectation For This War



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<p> Toneri seems surprised to hear from Urashiki that there is a main family of the Otsutsuki clan in another world. But … it feels like he already knows that such a thing exists. Therefore he gave Jougan to Boruto. </p>
<p> From the words of Toneri ("Boruto is not strong enough"), it seems that he has prepared Boruto as Earth's ultimate hope if there is a great threat to target the planet. </p>
<p> Boruto himself then successfully killed Momoshiki. It was the first time in the main story era, not in the past, an Otsutsuki was clearly murdered. Kaguya just sealed and Toneri then repented. </p>
<p> Could be in the anime version <i> Boruto, </i> would be reinforced if the reason Boruto can do that is because of Jougan. </p>
<p> <b> Another possibility about the clan war Otsutsuki opponent shinobi this you check on the second page! </b> </p>
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