Will Sakazuki and Kuzan Secretly Still Work Equally?

Kuzan, who once bears the name of Admiral Aokiji, hates the Sakazuki Fleet Admiral. This he shows when Sakazuki was sworn in as a fleet admiral. This lazy, lazy man immediately challenged Sakazuki to a duel.

The duel lasted for 11 days. Kuzan lost and lost one leg. After that he moves mysteriously. Sometimes he helps Smoker, who was almost killed by Doflamingo. Sometimes he contacts Blackbeard, a pirate who causes shocks in the world.

Reasonable speculation mentions that Kuzan is secretly now turning to support his Revolutionary Dragon. This feels very likely because, if indeed Kuzan saw Sakazuki would bring the Navy into a dark street, then he could only move on to the Revolutionaries.

But this time the author will highlight another possibility: what if Sakazuki and Kuzan are secretly cooperating?


Cueknya Sakazuki's Attracting Attention

One indication of Sakazuki and Kuzan still working together is his attitude when asked by Gorosei.

"What about Kuzan ?!" asked a Gorosei. "Hearing such a strong figure was already working with Blackbeard … it should have been a blow to Navy's dignity!"

Sakazuki replied, "The fool has left the Navy. Where he goes and what he does is none of our business! "

As a man who fought Kuzan for 11 days, it seems unlikely Sakazuki will belittle his colleague. He has also seen for himself how dangerous Marshall D. Teach, who now has Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi at once.

It could have been Sakazuki secretly sending people to deal with Sakazuki's problems, but he was just silent because he did not like the Gorosei.

But other possibilities are … Sakazuki can be so indifferent as Kuzan does so by his orders. Since it is known to have been separated from the Navy, Kuzan could be the perfect spy to help deal with the threat.

The Mysterious Movement of Cipher Pol

The writer's suspicions are getting stronger when considering what happened to the Blackbeard fleet.

After Blackbeard attacked Baltigo, the Navy and Police Cipher came along. But how can it be?

Baltigo is a hidden island. Jesus Burgess can find him just because he sneaks into Sabo's ship.

Blackbeard also has no purpose to contact the Navy, let alone Cipher Pol. It might even be his targeted fleet.

But that's what happened. Once Blackbeard destroys Baltigo, Navy ships and Cipher Pols come. Blackbeard even had to deal with Cipher Pol.

There seems to be someone who leaked Blackbeard's movement. What if the culprit was the former Navy admiral who had recently interacted with the group?

Continued discussion of the possibility of secret cooperation Sakazuki and Kuzan can you read on the second page!

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