Will Luffy's Duel vs. Katakuri Make Luffy Become Stronger Again?


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<h4> Duel Luffy vs. Katakuri has started in the manga <em> One Piece </em>. The interesting thing is, this duel seems to potentially improve the fighting ability Luffy you know! </h4>
<p> Surely, the discussion of the duel of Luffy vs. Katakuri could be <em> spoiler </em> for those who have not followed the latest developments in the manga. Especially for the faithful follow the anime. The battle in later anime version is guaranteed to be more stunning, equipped with sound effects, colors, and visual effects. But you still have to wait a few more months to see it. </p>
<p> But if you do not mind <em> spoiler </em> or have read, please continue! </p>
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Some fans consider Luffy's duel against the first Sweet Commander he met, Cracker, less than satisfactory. The reason is the nature of Cracker who really likes to play safe in the fight. Instead of competing directly, Crackers prefer to take cover behind armor biscuits. Then after the armor was destroyed, he took refuge behind so many biscuit soldiers.

It did not happen in the duel of Luffy vs. Katakuri. Katakuri is not afraid to serve Luffy for a direct fight.

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<p> Uniquely like this: Katakuri was once seen carrying a stick and shooting people with bullets <em> jellybean </em>. But when serving Luffy, he seemed to deliberately imitate Luffy's technique. </p>
<p> According to the author, it seems that Katakuri used <em> Kenbunshoku Haki </em> to read first what techniques will Luffy use. If so, then more and more proven Katakuri is a genius. Just by looking at what Luffy will do, he then imitates the captain's perfect Straw Hats technique. </p>
<p> Not only that, Katakuri can use Luffy's skill more efficiently than Luffy himself. </p>
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How can that be? Actually, this is not a difficult thing for Katakuri. He tells Luffy that he is superior to the Straw Hat captain in everything, from speed and strength. For most criminals anyway it just boasted. But given Luffy ending chapter 879 with a severe injury, it's not just a big bullshit. Katakuri only convey the facts.

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<p> Luffy was badly wounded in the duel of chapter 879. But he has not shown his ace, that is Gear 4. For manga <em> shonen </em> sih, you can imagine Luffy getting stronger by way of gearing out Gear 5 or <em> Awakening Paramecia Gomu Gomu no Mi </em>. </p>
<p> But the author sees another gap: what if this Luffy vs Katakuri duel did make Luffy stronger, but only because he "learned" from the Katakuri imitation technique? </p>
<h4> Luffy could be more powerful by learning from the techniques that Katakuri imitates from him? How come? Read the full discussion on the second page! </h4>
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