Will Kuma Help the Dragon at Reverie?

The discussion below contains spoilers for the just watching One Piece anime version. It still takes a long time to get this story adapted. So for the anti-leak, it is recommended to think twice before continuing.

For those who have already followed the development of [OnePiece or do not mind the leaks, please refer to the reviews below.


This speculation was written after hearing the incident in leaked One Piece 904. Today, it is known that the Revolutionary Army is preparing to start a war with Tenryubito.

Even so, as strong as Dragon, Sabo, and the revolutionary commanders, their efforts to start the war on Reverie can fail miserably if they come in. Dragon may have prepared agents at Mariejois, who are ready to help when the time comes to move.

The author also assumes that there is a possibility of Kuma helping Dragon.

What about Kuma? Not that he's fully a Pacifista?

Actually, even Kuma's presence in Reverie has not been ascertained. It's just that the authors found it impossible for the Pacifista troops, including Kuma to be their model, placed on the show to secure Reverie. Tenryubito, Gorosei, and kings will be there, no wonder the World Government decides to install maximum security.

For consideration why the author feels Kuma helps the Dragon, these are the points!



There's Still a Question How Kuma Wants to be Pacifista



Basically, there is an indication that Kuma is willing to be a Pacifista because the World Government starts kissing the Tyrant. It is an agent of the Revolutionary Army.

Even so, Kuma seems too resigned to accept his fate. He has the power to fly Perona, Pacifista, and the entire Straw Hats in an instant. But when his body, and even his consciousness, will be replaced as a machine, he is obedient. And that's a terrible fate.

If Kuma were worried that he would get caught, he might escape and disappear, mingle with the Revolutionary Forces. His Nikyu Nikyu no Mi will help him to be instantly thrown into a hiding place. After that, since the Revolutionary Army has yet to be found by Cipher Pol and the Navy, Kuma can continue to become Dragon's men again.

But maybe if he did that, then he just could not take advantage of the great momentum to help the Revolutionary Forces.

The author also felt that the conversion into Pacifista is secretly already exploited by Dragon. Maybe Kuma reported it to Dragon, and Dragon asked for the sacrifice of his subordinates to make sure his plan went well.

Now, with Kuma being the perfect Pacifista (until he even attacked the men of Ivankov at Marineford), no one would have guessed that Kuma suddenly opened the way for Dragon. Especially when he and the Pacifista troops are believed to keep Reverie.

Just imagine this: Revolutionary forces are known between moving to Mariejois or having managed to sneak up there. Pacifista troops deployed … then Kuma instead turned to help the revolutionaries. It will be a surprise that makes the battle so difficult for the Navy.

But if for example Kuma helps Dragon, the only person who can realize it is Vegapunk. Check this advanced discussion on the second page!

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