Will Kefla Attract Jiren's Attention on Dragon Ball Super 115?


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<h4> Will Super Saiyan Kefla attract the attention of Jiren in <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 115 later? Or will they raise Ultra Instinct Goku? </h4>
<p> Just a warning, a discussion of whether or not Kefla might attract the attention of Jiren in <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 115 contains <em> spoiler </em> for those who have not witnessed the episode yesterday. </p>
<h4 style= SPOILER ALERT !!!

Thus, Dragon Ball Super 115 has a very interesting title. It may even arguably contain spoiler .

Yep. So it is shown in preview if Goku can finally rise to Super Saiyan Blue again. Ordinary people will surely be getting tired if you have to fight. But the fight with Kale, Caulifla, and then Kefla, actually made him able to spur his body to exert full force again.

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Kefla himself experienced an increase in power in Dragon Ball Super 115. Video preview shows him transforming into Super Saiyan Kefla. Or maybe even the Super Saiyan Kefla Legendary, see his hair.

Kefla looks surprised Goku can raise Super Saiyan Blue. But the title Dragon Ball Super 115 clearly wrote "Super Saiyan Blue Defeated ?!" so it seems that the Super Saiyan Blue Legendary is not able to overcome this one enemy.

For those who feel confused why fusion Kale and Caulifla can defeat Super Saiyan Blue, just remember that berserk Kale's Super Saiyan Blue Legendary also made Super Saiyan Blue Goku unhappy. So no wonder that the Super Saiyan Legendary who is now assisted by the intelligence of Caulifla can surpass Goku. But what will happen after this?

The author thinks of two possibilities.

Kefla Make Jiren Rise

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<p> Kefla attracts the attention of Jiren is a possibility that can not be ruled out. </p>
<p> The problem is that in episode 114 it is shown that Jiren's hand had moved slightly as he reacted to Kale's energy. Yet he remained immobile, seeming to feel Kale did not interest him enough. </p>
<p> This is certainly not surprising, given Jiren was able to overcome the 19459006 </em> berserk </em> Legendary Super Saiyan Kale very easily in previous occasions. </p>
<p> Yet another story that the Super Saiyan Legendary is Kefla. If the standard form of Kefla alone surpassed Super Saiyan God, perhaps the Super Saiyan Kefla Legendary would have been able to give a fierce fight against Jiren. </p>
<p> Proof of possible Kefla drew the attention of this Jiren even you can see also in <em> preview </em>. There is shown Jiren in the process of meditation, indicating that Kefla's actions in the upcoming episode will again interest him. </p>
<h4> If Kefla catches Jiren's attention it does not happen, the second possibility can you read on the next page! </h4>
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