Will Kashin Koji kidnap Boruto in Boruto Manga Chapter 23?

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Seeing an incident in the anime Boruto episode 53, it seems that Boruto series will follow some of the events in the manga. Therefore, the discussion below may contain spoiler for those who only follow the anime version.

For those who have read or do not mind the leaks, go see the review of the possibility of Kashin Koji abducting Boruto below.




Team 7 Being in Difficult Situation



Team 7 in the manga just defeated Ao, former bodyguard of Mei Terumi who is now a member of Kara's mysterious organization. Boruto and his friends were obviously exhausted. Konohamaru, who has so far been far weaker than the anime version, has even just been hit by a jutsu shoot from drone . (This manga is magical indeed).


But their problem is not yet finished, because then Kashin Koji with his Kuchiyose frog intervened.

It is conceivable that Kashin Koji decides to leave immediately, because he has finished Ao. The organ's arm is now no longer subject to interrogation.

The problem is, Kashin Koji has previously been shown staking the Ao conflict with Team 7. He knows if Ao let Team 7 pass. He probably also knows that now information about Kara is known to Team 7. If it's like this, it seems impossible Kashin Koji will just leave. He will most likely show off his fighting technique against Team 7, with the intent of killing them all. Including Katasuke, who was still at the scene of the battle.



Then Why Kashin Koji Abducted Boruto?



 symbol curse boruto momoshiki "width =" 686 "height =" 514 "/> </p>
<p> The author guesses that Kashin Koji will easily defeat Team 7. He seems much tougher than Ao, while his enemy is no longer in the prime condition. </p>
<p> But in that battle, Boruto will do something that makes the symbol of his curse appear. This will obviously provoke Kashin Koji's attention. </p>
<p> <img class=

Already several times the author conveyed in another article, the organization of Kara seems to be the only party today who knows what the meaning of the symbol of curse that appears in the hands of Boruto after he destroyed Momoshiki. Just look at the middle image on the board, it is a symbol of Boruto. Meanwhile the upper right is the symbol in Kawaki's hand.

The author feels Kashin Koji does not initially know Boruto has this symbol. But when the symbol emerges in the middle of the battle, Kashin Koji's interest will rise. The possibility of Kashin Koji kidnapping Boruto was great, as he should have been more interested in taking Boruto away alive. This then becomes the reason why Team 7 can survive alive from a duel against Kashin Koji.


If this is true, will this kidnapping work? Maybe yes, maybe no. But the author is more hopeful that Boruto is actually taken away by Kashin Koji, since Koji or any other member of Kara might explain what the function of the symbol really is.

That is the author's prediction of chapter 23 manga Boruto . Will this prediction be right? Or is it totally wrong? Let's look forward to the chapter.

This chapter should have been released in a magazine in early May. But usually leaks have been circulating on the internet since one week before.

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