Will Doflamingo's Forecast materialize in the Reverie Council?

Manga One Piece shows that the nobles of the world began to gather for the great women in the Reverie Council.

Not only that, Monkey D. Dragon and Revolutionary Army began to move to Reverie to wage war against Tenryubito. Will Dragon succeed? Looks like yes. Uniquely, the possibility was conveyed by Doflamingo's prediction to Tsuru when he was taken by a Navy ship.

For those of you who have forgotten, this Doflamingo prophecy is presented in chapter 801.

More details:

"Who will stand on the top of the ocean?"

"Who will rule the waters? One of the emperors of the ocean, Yonko? Or maybe one of the sly Shichibukai? Or is one of the fucking youngsters of the Worst Generation? "

"Could it be … the army of justice … The Navy that controls the oceans? The will of the people, the Revolutionary Army … has its own collection of monsters, enough to scare anybody! "

"Then the D clan, always burning in the midst of embers of history … who can guess when and where they will appear?"

"Who will be the alliance with whom? Who will betray who? "

"Tell this to the Tenryubito who sit on top of their ivory tower in Mariejois! You fuckers will be knocked off your golden throne! "

"It's been 25 years since Gol D. Roger first mastered the Grand Line! His mortal enemy, Whitebeard, never climbed his throne. He leads by kneeling before the throne. "

"Now what ?! In the countless eyes of pirates roaming the ocean, there is an empty throne! You know what that means right? It will start! The biggest battle that the pirate world will witness! War for supreme power! "

For some time, the Throne War mentioned by Doflamingo has yet to be felt. In addition to Luffy, who shook Whole Cake Island in order to regain Sanji, all world powers (including Kaido, who wanted to wage a big war) were still sitting in their respective positions.

Yet looking at the situation leading up to Reverie, the writer immediately remembered Doflamingo's forecast above. The Throne War will begin shortly, followed not only by the pirates but also the Navy and possibly even the Revolutionary Forces.

The key? It could be the fall of Tenryubito.

Continued discussion of Doflamingo's prophecy can you check on the second page!

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