Will Coby and Sabo Fight each other at Reverie?

One Piece 903 shows Sabo and Helmeppo including the Navy escorting the entourage to Reverie. The author had suspected that he would be the main character of Luffy's successor, if Luffy was not present at the meeting of the kings.

Then in One Piece 904, it was Luffy's other adoptive brother's turn to be highlighted: Sabo. Sabo and Dragon are wholly healthy after Baltigo is destroyed by Blackbeard. Their old headquarters might be destroyed, but no member thought about it. Their focus has been on more serious matters: invade the Reverie Council.

Well, of course this is an interesting situation. Because clearly Coby and Sabo are on the opposite side.

The author feels that it's impossible for Coby to just escort until the ship Elizabello and Riku Dold get to Reverie. Coby and Helmeppo will likely be further involved in securing Reverie.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that Sabo who was an important officer did not join the invasion of the Revolutionary Army to Reverie. Especially since Dragon's target is Tenryubito.

So, yep, Reverie seems to be a battleground between Luffy's adoptive brother against Luffy's first friend in the adventure of being a pirate.

Sabo's fighting experience and possession of Mera Mera no Mi may have made one of these Revolutionary Commander's commanders the upper hand.

But, as he pointed out in chapter 903, Coby has already experienced upgrading power during time skip . Kenbunshoku Haki is so sharp that he can anticipate a torpedo, while Helmeppo can not feel the attack at all.

The author guesses that during this time skip Coby could have already surpassed the entire CP9 era before time skip . It seems he will integrate Haki, including Bushoshoku Haki, with Rokushiki, to fight better.

His own battle of taste writers would be more tragic. There may be a moment in which Luffy is mentioned, and Sabo and Coby both know him. They realize that their enemy is Luffy's acquaintance, but they still have to fight to the end.

For now, the writer feels that Sabo will be more likely to excel if Coby and Sabo both hit each other.

Continued discussion of possible conflicts Coby and Sabo can you check on the second page!

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