Will Boruto Episode 52 Featuring Sasuke's Duel Against Kinshiki?

The Byakuya Gang Groove has ended. Now serial Boruto began to enter the episode filler sequence for the preparation of entering the chūnin exam circuit. No half-hearted, it seems that this whole March will be filled filler who tries to answer questions such as whether the Sumire team will take the chunin exam, even in movie no, as well as the father-son relationship of Naruto with Boruto.


But it seems that the most interest of Navers from a collection of synopsis is the title of Boruto episode 52: Sasuke's Shadow, or Sasuke's shadow. The episode that will be aired on April 4th has no synopsis yet. But in terms of timing this episode could present a scene of excitement. Boruto: Naruto the Movie also tells Sasuke before turning back to Boruto Uzumaki.

Sasuke's duel against Kinshiki takes place early on Boruto: Naruto the Movie . The battle was very exciting and animated with alluring, although the duration was only about two minutes. In the duel it also proved that Kinshiki is an opponent that can not be conquered easily, though by Sasuke Uchiha though.

Why does the author feel timing is fitting? Because there is usually a 2-4 episode filler before entering the next big groove in Boruto . It is clear episode 49 tells the story of Sumire, episode 50 about the jonin's decision about the genin who took the chunin exam, then episode 51 instead of the Naruto-Boruto family conflict again. Likely in episode 52 finally the chunin-awaited exam will finally begin with Sasuke's action, just like his movie .

Between that or episode 52 this is the story of Boruto with Sasuke first, remembering in episode 51 there seems to be a bunch of Uzumaki family, then at the end Sasuke went on missions again and ended up meeting up with Kinshiki, then Momoshiki. (Maybe all Urashiki too). What is clear, after a long wait, finally chunin exam flow is in sight.

Episodes 49 through 51 Remain to Look Out

The author also recommends you-you'll still keep an eye on episodes 49 through 51, though the synopsis looks trivial.

Do you remember Boruto episode 34? The episode was really filler, Naruto was only filled and his best friends were fishing fish. But the episode ended in surprise, as cracks appeared on the lunar surface. Toneri was injured.

Given the chunin exam, and the arrival of Momoshiki, getting closer, it could be an event like episode 34 it will be no more in the upcoming episode.

Duniaku.net will continue to monitor the episode and preach if Momoshiki really does start moving.

What do you think? Will Boruto episode 52 show Sasuke's duel against Kinshiki, initiating the chunin exam flow? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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