Will Boruto Become Missing Nin in the Future Later? This is the Discussion!


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<h4> The symbol of the teen headband Boruto looks to have a scratch mark. Will Boruto become a <em> Missing Nin </em> in the future later? </h4>
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For the uninitiated or forgotten, Missing Nin is a runaway ninja. These ninjas leave their villages without permission. Since each ninja has its own obligations, this action is classified as desertion when viewed from the eyes of the military. The perpetrators were also regarded as fugitives.

One of the characteristics Missing Nin is a horizontal stroke in a headband. This indicates the runaway ninja has rejected their home village. Some of the leading Missing Nin also have symbols like these on their headbands. An example is Itachi Uchiha.

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<p> Now look again at Boruto's headbands at the top of the article. There are horizontal strokes also in the headband. This is what makes fans wonder whether Boruto became <em> Missing Nin </em> when he was a teenager later. </p>
<p> So, will Boruto become <em> Missing Nin </em>? Of course there has been no official answer about it, either in the manga or in the anime. But seeing the nature of Boruto's rebels, he might someday decide to become a rebel. Moreover, Sasuke who is his idol has also experienced such a phase. </p>
<p> But the author has its own speculation: Boruto became <em> Missing Nin </em> by order of his village chief, perhaps even his own father, to help Konoha from behind the shadows. </p>
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After the groove Naruto Gaiden Sarada establishes the heart of wanting to become Hokage. Not so with Boruto. After the groove Boruto: Naruto the Movie Naruto's son actually sets himself to be the protector of the Hokage. The role he imagined was closer to Sasuke than his father now.

While Sarada idolized Naruto's style in the lead, Boruto further considers Sasuke cool. From here it is felt that there will be a role exchange in Konoha later.

An Uchiha will become the Hokage and lead Konoha. Instead, an Uzumaki will precisely be a protector from behind the shadows. The figure who sacrificed happiness and time to be with his own family to make sure his village and Hokage are safe.

Based on these differences of ideals, it seems that Boruto will take a tremendous sacrifice for the survival of Konoha. Further discussion can you check on the second page!


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