Will Be Like Ending Super Dragon Ball When It's Over?

Super Dragon Ball is rumored to be over in March. Approximately ending Dragon Ball Super will be like what ya?

Dragon Ball Super is rumored to be finished in March. Roughly ending Dragon Ball Super what would it be like?

In an interview session, Masako Nozawa, as the voice of Goku, once argued that at least Dragon Ball Super would last long enough for more than 700 episodes. Unfortunately, it looks like it will not happen because Dragon Ball Super is rumored to be finished in March. Well, if you graduate about ending Dragon Ball Super what would it look like?

Dragon Ball Super took setting after Kid Buu was defeated and before ending which you can see in manga volume 42 in where Goku goes to train Uub. That way, you could say if ending Dragon Ball Super will be as you read in manga. However, is it true?

This was initially quite dubious, given Kimitoshi Chioka (director of Dragon Ball Super ) and Hiroyuki Sakurada (producer Dragon Ball Super ) had previously said that they were not sure whether ending it will be the same as manga. Not to mention, Akira Toriyama had also once transformed ending from Dragon Ball when his manga was re-released.

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Obviously, if that is so, then it is possible that Dragon Ball Super will have ending different from the original ending right? It seems not necessarily so.

If you read the manga Dragon Ball Super chapter 31 you must know that on chapter the Uub was introduced. The appearance of the Uub itself was not raised in the anime Dragon Ball Super . Now, with the appearance of Uub in the manga, it could be ending Dragon Ball Super will connect with its original.

And it seems that the appearance of this Uub is a sign that [DragonBallSuper will be completely finished after the Tournament of Power. However, keep in mind that Uub itself has not appeared in the anime version Dragon Ball Super . Then, keep in mind that slight changes in ending can still happen even if the core remains the same.

Then, who will win the Tournament of Power later? Go to page 2!

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