Why Until The End Of Luffy Not Taunting Katakuri? This Cause!

Given in an even more recent anime Katakuri version appears, the discussion of why Luffy does not mock this Katakuri is probably spoiler for who has not read the manga version. So, it is hoped the anime an an anti-leaked audience to think twice before reading further.


OPLovers may remember that Luffy sometimes did not hesitate to mock the foolishness of his enemy. What is still fresh in his head, so hilarious, is the moment in which he laughs because of Pica.

Well, in the Whole Cake Island groove, Luffy meets one character who turns out to have a silly hidden side: Charlotte Katakuri.

Yes, Charlotte Katakuri is hiding a strange mouth filled with fangs. He also covered his hobby to eat donuts to everyone, and was ready to kill when his pleasure was revealed.

Luffy first realizes Katakuri has a weakness after he caught Katakuri eating donuts. Katakuri's serenity is dispersed, so his Kenbunshoku Haki's focus falls apart. It seems that most OPLovers who read that passage must have thought Luffy would try to provoke Katakuri to have a chance to defeat Big Mom's strongest boy.

But it was not. Until the end, Luffy does not mock the Katakuri. Why? Actually the probability of the reason is simple.


Luffy Does Not Feel Funny Hobby Katakuri

When Katakuri reveals his mouth to the Charlotte Flampe and Flampe's men, they all mock and laugh at him for assuming he resembles a pelican eel. This is the main reason behind the great Katakuri lies, which is its perfect image. If he reveals himself to have a strange mouth and a hobby of eating donuts, it is certain he will be laughed at by his own family.


Luffy does not mock Katakuri because he does not feel his mouth or hobby Katakuri cute.

Luffy does not hesitate to laugh at someone if he feels there is something strange. But when it comes to eating a lot, he is greedy. Big mouth? Luffy had already seen the Oars, whose mouth was also so.

Continued possibly the reason why Luffy does not mock the Katakuri you can read on the second page!

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