Why Sih Jewelry Bonney Targeted by World Government?


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<h4 class= There are some members of Worst Generation who are still a mystery so far. One of them is Jewelry Bonney. Actually why until the World Government is afraid as he escapes from them?

So far there are some interesting irregularities about Jewelry Bonney.

-Bonney was captured by the Blackbeard group. Teach then tried to use Bonney as a barter tool to be given a ship. Then a surprise arose: the only one came AKAINU. Blackbeard decided to run away from Bonney.

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What is more surprising is when Akainu finally speaks with Bonney. Akainu admitted that he was scared when he heard Bonney get away from the World Government. This means that Bonney has previously been under the supervision of the World Government.

It also gives interesting implications why Akainu is coming. Initially, there may be OPLovers who think Akainu only wants to assert the power of the Navy after Whitebeard's death at Marineford. But after Akainu said that, it was clear that he was moving because he heard Jewelry Bonney was in the hands of Blackbeard.

This unforgiving Akainu also did not kill Bonney. He only catches the woman, so then Bonney gets away again.

-Bonney cries as Whitebeard is reportedly dead and determined to hunt down the party he feels responsible for. It shows he is close to the world's strongest former man One Piece .

So, why is Bonney so desired by the World Government? This is the speculation!


Strength Required for Specific Persons

Bonney's Devil Fruit Strength is an age manipulation. He can make himself a child, a parent, and a prime age with great ease.

But his strength is not only affecting himself. Whether because of the influence of Awakening or indeed part of his skill Bonney is shown to be capable of influencing others as well. He can stop the Navy forces trying to catch him in Sabaody by making them too old or too young to hold a weapon.


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Think carefully: this power can be used to make someone immortal. When they are old, Bonney can manipulate their age again until they return to prime body shape.

Therefore, it could be that Bonney was actually a prisoner (or even a slave) from Tenryuubito, just like Hancock used to be. But Bonney's position is more important than Hancock, who is only treated as an entertainer with his Mero Mero no Mi. Bonney was hired to ensure the Tenryuubito could live on.

By the way, are you aware that Jewelry Bonney's back so far has always been covered in official pictures? Does he hide symbols like Hancock?

Another possibility about Jewelry Bonney can you check on the second page!


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