Why Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super Often Suspected Evil? Maybe This Cause!


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<h4> Grand Priest <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> arguably only his assistant duo Zen-Oh. But why is he often suspected of evil? There are several reasons behind it! </h4>
<p> Grand Priest <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> suspected of evil is a phenomenon that writers find in some communities. This may be quite surprising, because during the Grand Priest's own tournament yes just keep an eye on it. He also tried to satisfy the Zen-Oh duo. </p>
<p> But there seems to be some reason why Grand Priest is suspected. </p>
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The annihilation of one universe is a serious matter. You can see this every time a universe disappears because all of their fighters are defeated. Even the God of Destruction, who was responsible for destroying the planet and life in their universe, joined shock and was amazed.

How did Grand Priest react Dragon Ball Super every this happen? He does not look sad. He does not even seem to care. Actually, he even looks happy because the expression of the Grand Priest is always consistent with a thin smile. His most suspicious reaction was primarily after the destruction of Universes 9 and 10.

This shows that the Grand Priest has absolutely no empathy, unlike the Gods of Destruction and Kai. Maybe this happened because he had to deal with Zen-Oh, who was the strongest creature in the multisemesta.


Not Preventing Zen-Oh to Plan for the Destruction of the Universe

Tournament of Power is a sadistic tournament. What else can we do? When one universe is defeated, even the afterlife in the universe also vanishes. The author feels this is a tournament with the biggest bet in the anime universe.

But that's even still a better alternative than Zen-Oh's original plan: direct destruction of all the universes whose quality of mortal creatures is low. If Goku does not remind Zen-Oh, Universe 7 might disappear without being given a chance to prove itself.

The Gods of Destruction and Kai feel this Zen-Oh decision is cruel. As the angel duo Zen-Oh, actually the Grand Priest could have persuaded Zen-Oh to just stop the plan. But he did not do it.

There is even a theory that the destruction of the universe was not Zen-Oh's plan. Zen-Oh, who is so childish, exactly prompted this plan by the Grand Priest. If so, then obviously he is evil. But this has not been proven.


Suspicious Appearance and Personality

Overview of the hell Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super this is a friendly person. He's not offended Goku treats Zen-Oh like a friend, though Beerus alone is afraid of Goku's actions.

But there is an evil and sadistic side stored within him. He obviously has no empathy, as the author has mentioned in the first point. Not only that, he also seemed very happy every single one of the universe was destroyed.

In addition, the Grand Priest also did not hesitate to stare at Beerus or the God of Destruction that made trouble. This shows that this man harbored the sadistic side also within him, which could intimidate Beerus though.

In terms of appearance … yes … easy to suspect people who always smile even in the midst of destruction. Because the villain who always smile is also the type that is often encountered in the anime. Just look at a figure like Soujiro Seta from Rurouni Kenshin, who always smiles until Kenshin harasses him.

So, is it really Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super is this evil? For now, the author feels he is just too passive. He could have advised Zen-Oh, but he preferred to let Zen-Oh do whatever the mahadeva wanted.

But if the Grand Priest is really bad, just hope Zen-Oh can and will take action. Face it can be more difficult than against Fused Zamasu.


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