Why Frieza Referred to Planet Namek : Dragon Ball Super !?

Why Frieza Referred to Planet Namek : Dragon Ball Super !? 

Howdy Everyone, I’m here with another blog and this time I will be covering up the reason, Why Frieza Referred to Planet Namek in the very end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 110. Well, If you haven’t watched the episode yet. You can click here to watch the episode on Crunchyroll.

Now, coming back to the topic. Today’s episode focused on the fight between Jiren and Goku. And Goku just achieved a state even a god can’t easily attain easily. So, you guys can just guess how hyped up today’s episode was.

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There are still 25 Minutes left in Tournament of Power which’ll decide the fate of all the participating Universe. Everyone is already up with their wishes meanwhile, Goku is still confused on what to wish. (He just want to fight strong guys tho)

Well, if you guys already watched both 109/110 Episode of Dragon Ball Super then you may continue otherwise, you won’t get what I’m talking about.

Episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super ended with Frieza saying “This brings back memories …of what happened on planet namek? ”

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Now, I’m damn sure that people might come up with a theory of Frieza being evil, his face angle represent evil and a lot. But, let’s just be clear here.

Wait, I will show you the video so I don’t have to come up with any explanations. Video proofs are better y’know. (Watch from 2:34)

I guess you guys get it, right?

Remember, Goku gave him (Frieza) energy back on Planet-Namek, Perhaps Frieza is going to do the same, don’t you think. If Frieza were to do anything dangerous right now. It’d be suicidal for him as Vegeta and other warriors are already on the stage. And, wishful thinking I know lol. If you read this and still think that I’am wrong, you’re being willfully ignorant and you should just believe on the fake theories that may come out there real soon.

Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

I tried my best to come-up with this blog as soon as I could.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 111-114 Spoilers!




Jiren of Universe 11 deflects the spirit bomb thrown at him by Goku of Universe 7. Jiren is then confronted by Hit of universe 6. Hit let’s Jiren that the first shot at him just to figure out a strategy to defeat him. Hit then uses his time skip technique but as expected Jiren is immune to such attack.

Nothing much to take from episode 111 scans. We pretty much knew this since a week now. The new info here would be Jiren is immune to time skip and well that’s that unless Hit has a way to break his own limits I don’t see him lasting longer than Goku would. Looking at what we have for next episodes in the scans, it seems the fight would remain inconclusive.



Image result for Vegeta and cabba

In order to let Caulifla and the others be able to fight stronger enemies at their full power, Cabba of universe 6 goes against Monna of universe 4 to help his team. However, Cabba has been blown away only to be rescued by Vegeta at the last moment. Vegeta, as Cabba’s master, later tells him to fight with no regrets. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Vegeta might play a more important role than we might expect in the act of defeating Jiren.

Not to mention Cabba or his team (well, except Hit) do not stand a chance against most of the other fighters. The Super Saiyan Berserk of Kale is not very sustainable too. Whatsoever may be the case I would really want Vegeta to have some important role to play in the coming episodes.



Universe 3 warriors target Goku since he’s exhausted from his battle with Jiren. But Caulifla comes to his rescue. And then she asks him to fight her. Goku is happy with her offer. But he doesn’t have the strength to transform into Super Saiyan yet, but he says that he’ll slowly gain his strength back for the fight.

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Okay, so well it seems it’s payback time for Caulifa and well, she knows it’s not going to be the best ending for her so why not make the remaining time just good and fun. She tries to help Goku and perhaps its something she should do.



Goku’s attacks overwhelm kale while he’s fighting against her and Caulifla, and the tension gradually increases and then she transforms into Super Saiyan beserk. Well, really interesting title but it seems to me that the writers don’t want to completely spoil the show for us and are hiding something deep inside.

Are they talking about Goku’s new super warrior form? Or is it just the inexperienced Kale they are referring to? As we already know Kale’s transformation isn’t new therefore this new warrior is definitely Goku.

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