Why Anko Mitarashi So Faty Once In The Era Boruto? This is the Cause!


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<h4> Anko Mitarashi is a sexy and attractive figure when Naruto was a kid. Then why is he getting fat? In short … if you know Anko's hobby, the real Navers may not be surprised anymore. </h4>
<p> In Naruto's time still starting up the ninjanya road, Anko Mitarashi has a fan that is not small. Its tomboyish nature and sexy clothes can captivate the readers and spectators, especially the guys. </p>
<p> Anko returns again in <em> Boruto </em> episode 25 yesterday. And he still looks fat, just like when he appeared in the manga epilogue <em> Naruto </em>. So how can this one ninja change in such a way? </p>
<p> The answer is actually simple. It used to be in <em> Naruto Fanbook </em>there is this exciting disclosure. </p>
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Written above if a ninja practiced much harder than an ordinary human. In effect, they should eat more than ordinary people.

When Anko was younger, Anko could spend up to 53 dango. It is indeed his favorite food. Because dango is sweet, the calories it contains are also quite large. Total Anko eat up to 6730 calories. Ordinary man must jog 18 hours to burn all those calories.

The problem is, Anko ate all that dango just for snack . The only reason Anko did not fatten since he was young was simply because in his position at the time, Anko was still required to do a lot of exercise. He may even burn more than 6730 calories for daily activities.

In the Boruto era, Anko is older. Metabolism automatically decreases. He also has received a promotion, until he did not need too much exercise.

The problem is, in the manga epilogue Naruto, is shown that Anko invites Chocho to eat together. So this one ninja is aging and not obliged to move much, but her sweet food appetite is still as crazy as when she was young. The effect can be seen in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations .

Will Anko be thin again? We hope so. Because if viewed from the lens of reality, Anko is fattening because of sweet foods may be faced with serious health problems because of the choice of life that semberono. For example yes diabetes.


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