Why Akira Toriyama Didn’t Take Buu In Tournament Of Power ?

Why Akira Toriyama Didn’t Take Buu In Tournament Of Power ?

Hi guys I’m back and in this blog we are going to discuss why Akira Toriyama didn’t take Majin Buu in Tournament of Power so let’s start with any delay. In the beginning of Tournament Of Power Majin Buu was one of the 10 warriors representing  Universe 7, fans were pretty excited about Majin Buu; he even trained hard for the tournament but Majin Buu went to sleep for 2 months and then he was replaced by Frieza and now the main question that comes to our mind is, why Akira Toriyama did it?

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Why Akira Toriyama Didn’t Take Majin Buu ?

Majin Buu has extendable body parts he can grab any one of Universe 7 member falling of the arena. He can turn even the strongest warrior into chocolate and throw them out of the arena. He can split himself into many copies and have them go after everyone at once and cause an insane level distraction. He can regenerate himself to full strength doesn’t matter how much damage he takes; the opponent can punch him all day and still won’t get any damage.

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Majin Buu can’t be killed and can instantly regenerated, only way to beat him is to totally destroy every last shred of him but that will kill him and the opponent or the one killing him will get disqualified and erased on the spot by Zeno sama, according to the rules. The clones of Majin Buu will have the same powers and can heal, kill and also turn opponents into chocolate. He can absorb any one, It doesn’t matter how strong he/she is; he can also absorb their powers and can throw them over the edge of arena.

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The point I wanna make is that Majin Buu is too overpowered for ‘Tournament of Power’ and can easily ensure Universe 7’s victory. I’m not saying that Majin Buu is stronger than Goku or Vegeta but as a team members prospective he could have been ace for Universe 7. Also, his tactics and skills are the most-suited ones for ‘Tournament of Power’

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Goku Can’t Wish Back The Destroyed Universes – Tournament of Power!

Why? Because, They need to know Language of Gods in order to wish through the Super Dragon Balls and I guess, no one on the stage knows it.

Goku Can't Wish Back The Destroyed Universes - Tournament of Power!

Lets say any angel will help in translating the wish, but as we all know that Zeno-sama was about to destroy all 8 Universes and Goku unintentionally persuaded Zeno not-do-destroy the universes and give them a chance to show the true worth of them through a battle. And, the decision was made – “The Winning Universe will get refrain from getting destroyed and the loosing ones will get immediately destroyed”; Then, Grand Priest came up with rules following the Survival of only-one Universe.

We are still not sure that Universe 7 will manage to win or not. But even if they win and Goku try to wish back all his competitors and the Universes which were destroyed by Zeno-sama during Tournament of Power, but Zeno or the Grand Priest won’t allow such a thing as the wish is violating the original plans of Zeno sama. Goku won’t be able to make a wish as the language of gods is a prohibited language across mortals and only Gods are allowed to speak/talk in it.

Goku Can't Wish Back The Destroyed Universes - Tournament of Power!

It’s possible that the dead fighters of the fallen universes and other living things will be revived and transported to live in U7, but the universes themselves not get brought back. And, soon the Kaio-shin of our Universe will create planets so that the ones from other Universe can stay in Universe 7. Zeno-sama’s childish nature is the reason that will make him approve of such a decision.

One more question that raise into our heads is who will be the god of destruction/creation of the new created universe? Well, Of course it would be Beerus but if some gods stand against it, then there are possibilities that we might see a fight between Gods of Destruction as it was included in the manga. Such an important fight can’t be ignored that easily.

Goku Can't Wish Back The Destroyed Universes - Tournament of Power!

The Joined Universes could result in a lot more arcs, Planet Sadal coming to that Universe and Vegeta visiting that Universe; Grand Priest visiting earth; More Unknown/Strong Villains might appear; UUB arc and a lot more.

Fans would rise up against the show if any of the character from Universe 6 and even Universe 11 were doubtlessly eliminated, so the event will have to atone. If the Tournament of Power ends in merging all the universes together with the last-one-standing leading the charge, then the show will indeed set some great amount of sagas to come in the show.

Goku Can't Wish Back The Destroyed Universes - Tournament of Power!

Well from the very beginning, I’m Pretty sure Akira Toriyama realized that wishing back the universes is the most expected thing fans will ever think of. And, that is the main reason why he will make Zeno forbid it or the things that are destroyed by him can’t be wished back, because Akira Toriyama never left a single chance to leave us amazed.

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