Who's the Wisest? It's 7 Leaders in an Anime Worth Watching!


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<h4 style= Building a village? Set up a country? Or just lead and nurture people who are confused do not know the direction in life? 7 leaders in this anime deserve to be role models!

Ideally, the figure of a leader is a person who is able to communicate well with the people around him, able to lead in the sense of not pretending like a boss and direct the people around to a better way. A charismatic and authoritative leader will be followed by people around without coercion or threat.

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Well, that figure is like that a lot of we find in the anime. Approximately, who is the figure of a leader in anime that deserves to be a role model and upheld? Here are 7 leaders in the anime that deserve to be upheld!


Hashirama Senju ( Naruto )

Hashirama Senju is arguably a charismatic and authoritative figure. In addition, the first Hokage was an excellent figure and craved peace in the war era. He was the one who would unhesitatingly sacrifice himself for the sake of peace-it was seen when he accepted Madara's offer to kill himself so that the Uchiha clan would join the Senju clan.

Although not a smart character like his sister, Tobirama (who later became the 2nd Hokage), but Hashirama is a charismatic leader figure. He is strong but not arrogant and even humble. All these qualities make many people willing to follow Hashirama as a leader.

Together with Tobirama and also Madara, Hashirama also built the village he had always dreamed of during his lifetime.

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Shunsui Kyoraku ( Bleach )

For those of you who follow the Bleach series, you must be wondering why not Genryuusai Yamamoto and even Kyouraku. Yamamoto himself is strong, and even more powerful than Kyouraku, but I think Kyouraku is wiser than Yamamoto.

You see, Yamamoto is practically a loud and stern person and does not listen to anyone's explanations. It was seen when he insisted to punish Kyouraku and Ukitake who had thwarted Rukia's execution. Yet at that time, Kyouraku and Ukitake tried to give an explanation of Yamamoto.

To Kyouraku herself, in the manga Bleach, she replaces Yamamoto's position. Both before and after replacing Yamamoto, this one captain feels more wise and willing to listen to people's explanations and kindness.

One example is when he gives tickets to Ichigo's friends when Ichigo trains with Division 0. The ticket is free-pass so that Ichigo's friends can visit Ichigo-who will fear no return to the mortal world-in Soul Society.


Klaus von Reinherz ( Kekkai Sensen )

Klaus is the leader of Libra, the organization that maintains the balance of the world. In the world Kekkai Sensen itself, the members of Libra have tremendous powers-and Klauss is arguably the strongest member!

However, it is not the power that makes Klauss the ideal leader. It is because of its nature gentleman and cares to all its members. If anything happens to his members, Klaus will surely help without question.

In addition, Klaus is also the one who always advises his members when they need help or guidance. All of that, coupled with his extraordinary ingenuity, made Klauss a leading figure in the ideal anime and deserved role model.

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