Who the Pirates Want to Talk About Shanks in One Piece 907?

The discussion below clearly contains spoilers for the unread One Piece 907 .


If you like the richness of the world's history One Piece the Reverie Council's plot definitely satisfies you.

Editor Eiichiro Oda does say that this groove will only run about 12 chapters. Perhaps because of that Oda did not make a chapter filler . Every incident in the Reverie groove feels its own meaning. Includes events that only roll in one or two panels!

Well, in One Piece 907 no more surprises here.

Shanks meets with Gorosei! He came to see the rulers of this World Government to discuss a pirate.

This is what we will speculate this time. Who is the pirate Shanks wants to talk about One Piece 907? Let's look at the list.

The last time Shanks had an unexpected meeting, he talked about Marshall D. Teach with Edward Newgate the Whitebeard.

Therefore, Shanks's appearance in One Piece 907 immediately led the author to think of this new Yonko again.

Currently, there are many excited events in [OnePiece . Reverie will start. In New World, Big Mom intends to meet Kaido, causing the Navy to rush. Then do not forget Luffy, who is now touted as the Fifth Yonko by Big News Morgans for his action on Whole Cake Island.

During this time, Teach is completely unnoticed.

Perhaps as long as he escapes everyone's spotlight, Teach is already planning a dangerous act. Therefore Shanks in One Piece 907 intends to meet Gorosei.

Well, if it's true, it can be excited. Will Shanks offer an alliance with Gorosei to deal with this threat he mentions?

Interestingly, if true pirates are to be talked about is Teach, we may see the disclosure of this mysterious pirate's past from Shanks. Including how Teach, without Yami Yami no Mi, can carve a permanent wound on Shanks's face. Mihawk alone can not do that.

Another possibility that Shanks wishes to talk about One Piece 907 can you check on the second page!

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