Who the hell is actually Android 21?





Drs. Gero? Why did he have a Majin form? Here are the facts about Android 21, a new character created by Akira Toriyama!

Android 21 became the new character in the Dragon Ball series . He first appeared in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ and, despite being a non-canon character like Broly, but Android 21 successfully seized the fan's attention Dragon Ball . In a way, this one character is quite popular.

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Even so, surely we wonder, who is actually Android 21? Then, why can he have a Majin Buu form like Majin Buu? What is the purpose of Android 21? All these questions will be answered in this discussion.

Before reading to the end, keep in mind that the discussion this time will contain quite a lot spoiler from game Dragon Ball FighterZ . So for those of you who want to enjoy the story Dragon Ball FighterZ without being hit spoiler then I suggest to stop reading up here. If you do not mind, then please go!


Here are the facts about Android 21 on Dragon Ball FigtherZ !


The creator of Android 21 is Dr. Gero

Android 21 is part of the Red Ribbon Army-a criminal organization that became the enemy of Goku et al. Like other android-android, android this one woman also created by Dr. Gero. However, he is one of the special android because it is different from Android 16 which is 100% robot and human modifications like Android 17 and 18.

However, just like Android 17 and 18, Android 21 was once a human being converted into android by Dr. Gero. The difference is that he has almost no memory of who he really is before being turned into an Android, except for some of the information we'll discuss in the final number later.

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So, why Android 21 has a Majin form? The discussion you can see on page 2!



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