Who is the Wicked Character in the One Piece of the Most Valuable? It's the Candidate and the Answer!

Just like any other Shōnen series, there must be an evil character in One Piece which is the opposite of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy.

There are some characters that fall into the category of evil or antagonists in One Piece such as Kuro, Crocodille, Enel, Blackbeard, and Akainu. However, who is the evil character in One Piece the most evil of any other evil character?

Actually, it is difficult to determine who the evil character in One Piece is most evil, but let's look at some of those who fall into the category, and we can define at the end, who is the evil character in One Piece the wicked. All right, let's start with the first candidate.

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<p> God Enel is one of the evil characters in <em> One Piece </em> which is very powerful. Had he not met Luffy who had the strength of rubber, and contrary to his Goro Goro no Mi, it was very difficult to stop an Enel </p>
<p> Enel is now out of sight in the story <em> One Piece </em>this is because he went to use Ark Maxim, his ship that can fly into space after being defeated by Luffy. </p>
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<p> Doflamingo is a former king of Dressrosa and a highly respected and feared Shichibukai member. He is very sadistic, and ready to do anything to launch his plan and purpose. </p>
<p> Born out of Celestial Dragon or Tenryubito, of course Doflamingo has a very strong self-esteem, and despises the common man outside the Donquixote family he built. </p>
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