Who is the Mysterious Ninja Group Observing Shizuma in Boruto Episode 31?


There is a group of mysterious ninja who observe Shizuma Hoshigaki's fight from a distance in Boruto episode 31. Who are they? This opinion Duniaku.net !

Discussion of the mysterious ninja group of Boruto episode 31 contains spoiler for both manga and anime versions. So if you do not want to get leaked, please think twice before continuing to read the review below.

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If you are already following the latest developments of anime and manga, or do not mind the spoiler please continue to listen to the discussion below.


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<p> The scenario expected by Shizuma is that Kagura kill Boruto near the monument. Then, the figures lurking from the darkness can rise and act. But who is this mysterious ninja group in question? </p>
<p> One possibility is their revolutionary Kirigakure, just like Shizuma. After all, a change usually will provoke the emergence of counter parties. Including good change. It could be that Shizuma and his five little followers are only a small part of the larger revolutionary group. </p>
<p> Possible more fun? The mysterious ninja group is Kara. </p>
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Kara is a mysterious group that appeared in the manga Boruto . They are organizations that move in the black world. Even Sasuke only heard the name of this group when Shojoji leaked it, so they must move very carefully.

In the manga, Kara's final destination involves securing something they call a container. This is most likely a human being, from a form of storage that is prepared to carry it.

Kara is also a group that seems to understand the meaning behind the mysterious tattoo symbols in the hands of Boruto after the fight against Momoshiki and also those of Kawaki in the future. Shojoji found them examining the symbols.

If you question why they are in Kirigakure, in the manga itself it has been revealed that they are an international-scale conspiracy. One of their soldiers was even a former fighter from Kirigakure, who had not been home for a long time.

Moreover if there is no filler or additional storyline, then the anime plot Boruto will be like this: the flow of Momoshiki -> Boruto gets the symbol of curse in hand -> the groove of Mujina's gang from the manga -> Kara groove. So it makes sense that the anime scriptwriters decide to at least give a shadow about this mysterious group of ninja from now on.

In addition, the flow of the manga Boruto also mentions the issue of Kirigakure outing in the last chapter.

Boruto calls Kirigakure sightseeing in the manga and there is a group of mysterious ninja in the anime it feels is indeed prepared to build Kara's later groove.

But is it so? The author thinks so, but maybe you as readers have different theories. Just say it in the comment field!


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