Who is the Best Waifu? It's the Winner of Waifu Day Polling in Japan!

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gogoanimestv.com – Who's the Best Waifu? It's the Winner of Waifu Day Polling in Japan!

Anime official site! Anime! opened a poll where the poll said 'Best Waifu' which fell on December 3 for celebrating 'Waifu Day'. There are 25 candidates and chosen on twitter with 879 respondents with 67% male and 23% female.

Approximately who is the best Waifu?

  1. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)
  2. Brakes (Re: Zero)
  3. Megumi Kato (Saekano)
  4. Sakura Mato (Fate / Stay Night)
  5. Akari Kawamoto (March comes in like a Lion)
  6. Tsubasa Hanekawa (Monogatari Series)
  7. Chise hatori (The Ancient Magus Bride)
  8. Miho Azuki (bakuman)
  9. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
  10. Vignette Tsukinose (Gabriel DropOut) Series
  11. Miho Nishizumi (Girls und Panzer) Series

Nakama-tachi can see it on the Anime site! Anime! directly.

No wonder why Asuna and Rem always appear everywhere, especially Pixiv and some other sites. If nakama tachi would vote who? Write on the comment field yes ~ Also get more interesting info about your favorite Anime and Manga News only at gogoanimestv.com


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