Who is the Best Kage In The Ninja Village? Could Be Naruto!

In the world Naruto from time to time, the ninja villagers are growing great! And of course there must be a Kage from each of the five great villages that contribute greatly to building these villages into the center of the ninja world!

Their lunge counted in this assessment is obviously their action when they serve as a Kage, not genin or to jonin! Curious with who are the best Kage from each of these great villages? Check out the list below!



Iwagakure: Mu (Second Tsuchikage)



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<p> Mu is the most successful Tsuchikage in his generation for having mastered all five basic elements at once! As the teacher of the next Tsuchikage, Mu obviously has tremendous power compared to the Tsuchikage of any era! </p>
<p> Not stopping there, the Second Tsuchikage also received the nickname as <em> Mujin </em> (terj .: <em> Non-Person) </em> due to his terrible hiding ability! Apart from splitting, he can also hide himself and his chakra flow by manipulating the elements of water! </p>
<p> As a tracker ninja, Mu also reaps popularity as one who is even capable of detecting chakra miles away! Coupled with the flexibility of his body, he was able to avoid any attacks coming from afar! </p>
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Kumogakure: The Third Raikage



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<p> The Third Raikage is instrumental in shunning Kumogakure from destruction! Whether it's from humans and Bijuu though this one figure is able to protect his village by himself! Recognized even by his own village, this figure is the best Raikage ever! </p>
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His own pupil, Darui will become the Fifth Raikage! His fight with the eight-tailed Bijuu, Gyuki is also a testament to his endurance, by destroying all the creature's tentacles once slashed!

But of course, the more popular thing among Kumogakure is how the Third Raikage protects the village he leads from the invasion of ten thousand ninja over three days and three nights alone ! Even when he was killed and passed on by his son, the Third Raikage still remains the most remembered Kumogakure figure!

From the more popular ninja village, who is the best Kage in the village? Check out the sequel to the next page!

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