Which Family is the Harmonious?


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<h4> There are a number of families who have got the spotlight in both anime and manga <em> Boruto </em>. Who is the best family in the series <em> Boruto </em>? Who's the worst? This is the discussion! </h4>
<p> Keep in mind beforehand that the family that the author of the evaluation is that has at least been highlighted with quite often or in detail. There are some families like Kaminarimon and Nara who have not been able to score writers, so they can not yet be put into the best family rankings in this <em> Boruto </em> series. </p>
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So which one is the best family in the Boruto series? Previously let's start from the worst.


The Shigaraki Family

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<p> No, what is meant here is not his family Tomura Shigaraki from <em> Boku no Hero Academia </em>. </p>
<p> Shigaraki is the original family name of Sumire Kakei, the head of the class for the Boruto forces. This family is quite tragic. As a member of Root, the Shigaraki family gets blasphemy from Konoha due to the actions of the secretive group. Finally they were out of the village. </p>
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This exile made the mother of Sumire sick and eventually died.

Sumire's father, Tanuki Shigaraki, then trains his son to become a weapon for his revenge. This made Sumire climb the dark path he ultimately did not like, after he really enjoyed living as a student at the Academy.

Motivation of Sumire's father may be understandable. But still, his actions to develop his son into a weapon of revenge for Root's fate make him classified as a very bad parent.


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The Orochimaru Family

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<p> Orochimaru has a really unique way of educating his "son". More complete can you see in <em> Naruto Gaiden </em> <em>: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon </em>. Or you can also wait <em> Boruto </em> episode 39, which will be Mitsubishi's first Sage Mode debut in the anime. </p>
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Probably Orochimaru's way of educating Mitsuki does not get too vile. But still it is a method that is not exactly normal, especially for children who can be spelled out recently "created." Therefore in the best family ranking in the Boruto this family of Orochimaru goes into the bottom rank.

But unlike the Shigaraki family, Orochimaru is given more opportunities that show he really cares about Mitsuki. This is especially the case he showed when he went to Konoha to come to the student meeting as guardian for Mitsuki.

Orochimaru may be proud because his synthetic human creation has progressed so well.

These are the two most affluent families. Consider the best advanced family rankings in the Boruto series on the second page!


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