When Universe 6 Musnah, Is The Cause Is A Hit Error?


Previously, a discussion of Hit's error that could have caused the Universe 6 to perish was classified as spoiler . So if you belong to the anti-leaked group, you actually entered the wrong article.

But if you are diligent in following Dragon Ball Super especially witnessing episode 111 yesterday, it means there is no problem if you continue reading the review below.


Fatal Hit Error

As a hitman, Hit is a cool, pragmatic, and professional figure. He was hired to ensure Universe 6 survived through the Tournament of Power. He also worked earnestly to make it happen.

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Unfortunately, Hit's fatal mistakes may actually make Universe 6 destroyed in episode 118.

This is a fatal error Hit the author intent. As he tries to take advantage of Jiren's momentum defeats Goku to attack the Universe 11's strongest fighter.

When Hit decides to attack Jiren, Universe 6 still has six fighters: Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, as well as duo Namek Saonel and Pirina. That number is still quite a lot in the Tournament of Power. They are only the difference between a fighter from Universe 7.



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Hit logic might make sense: if he succeeds in getting rid of Jiren, then Universe 6 will probably have a chance of winning. There was no threat from the god-powered creature, who could suddenly eliminate all other fighters.

But if only Hit decided to be patient, the situation of the Tournament of Power could be much different.

Precisely Universe 7 to be Pressed

If Hit does not decide to attack Jiren, then the author believes Jiren will teleport near Goku and then use the ultimate attack to eliminate the strongest fighters Universe 7 it.

Goku himself was exhausted and badly injured. He will not be able to deal with Jiren's last attack. Vegeta and Frieza may still be willing to help, but in the presence of Jiren's strength it seems that both fighters can not do much either.

If after this Jiren decides to meditate, Universe 7 has lost their main power. It is conceivable that Kale and Caulifla can eliminate other fighters, including Vegeta and Frieza, if they use Potara.

Is Jiren not going after? According to the author does not. Hit is probably one of the enemies that Jiren calculates, but if Hit does not attack him directly, the writer feels Jiren will continue meditation after successfully eliminating Goku.

After that, perhaps the remaining Universe 6 fighter could try to gang up Jiren and survive until the duration of the tournament time is over.

But perhaps the Hit's fault that could have caused Universe 6 to perish was not against Jiren. Check the follow-up discussion on the second page!


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