When Boruto's Euphoria Gift for Himawari


In Boruto episode 32, Boruto forgot a souvenir for Himawari. But there is also an interesting disclosure about Orochimaru and Kirigakure!

Discussion Boruto episode 32 clearly contains spoiler . So if you're the type that does not want to get leaked, you actually enter the wrong article.

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But if you are already watching and do not want to miss out on the interesting details, or do look for the episode plot summary including the discussion, just take a look at the reviews below.



Boruto Escape the Souvenir for Himawari

This is the main plot for Boruto episode 32. Sound unattractive? Because, yes, that's just what happened to Boruto.

He managed to return home safely. But he had long forgotten the souvenir for his sister, which he had promised. Rather than angry and want to beat his brother, Himawari is just incredibly disappointed.

No, Byakugan Himawari does not come out in this episode.

So Boruto toured the city for food and he finally found it at Chocho's subscription shop.

Uniquely, this store has so far always appeared in every episode filler . We'll see later in the episode filler post the next big plot Boruto or his other friends will visit this snack hidden shop again.

Initially, the shopkeeper's grandmother did not like Boruto. But after Boruto's honesty in the episode of Shinobi Bout, the grandmother was quietly touched and rewarded him.

But Boruto finally decided to admit his mistake to Himawari, inspired by Kagura who also apologized for not meeting him when Boruto returned to Hi no Kuni.

Now, let's move on to more interesting things.


Orochimaru Still Plotting to Do Something Bad

Apparently Orochimaru was thinking about using Shizuma. This is revealed in Suigetsu's dialogue with him in Boruto episode 32. But Suigetsu dislikes Shizuma's methods, including killing some officials to give the impression that Chojuro tried to eliminate those who were not in line with his ideology.

Orochimaru himself seems not to question Shizuma's efforts. He just thinks that if there is chaos in Mizu no Kuni, then he can move more freely. Probably because of Konoha's ninja observations to him so can not seintens now, when the situation is so peaceful.

But for now, Orochimaru does not matter Mizu no Kuni remains safe. He also does not question how Boruto can get a roll of information about the reality of Shizuma's actions. And from the reaction of Suigetsu, he must have been able to guess what happened.

Two more interesting things from Boruto this 32nd episode can you check on the second page!


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