When Batman Lost in Ancient Japan


 Batman ninja "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> What if Batman gets lost in Japan's past? Anime Batman Ninja will show you the Batman story you've never witnessed before! </h4>
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Not long ago Warner Bros. released an animated film trailer Batman Ninja and what is shown to us really spoil the eye! Some of the familiar characters are also present in this film including Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn, and also CatWoman.

Batman Ninja is a movie made with a collaboration between Warner Brothers Japan and Warner Home Entertainment. The characters in Batman Ninja are designed by Takashi Okazaki who had previously designed the characters in Afro Samurai .

So far not much information has been circulated about how Batman Ninja will play the Japanese element in his film, until finally trailer the film was released.

Told Batman, Robin, and his companion stranded in Japan. Unfortunately this is not just Japan, but the Japanese in the days of samurai still hanging around! It was in this era that Batman would be hostile to a row of criminals that most of us might have seen.

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<p> As always, movies involving Batman as a major player almost always include the Joker as his eternal enemy. Joker in Japanese war era is designed so elegant without removing the impression of the villain attached to it. </p>
<p> Not only Joker, <em> Batman Ninja </em> also involves Harley Quinn, CatWoman, even Alfred. There are several ranks of criminals who participated in <em> Batman Ninja trailers </em> such as Two-Face, Gorilla Grodd, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy and the Penguin. </p>
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Batman is incomplete if there is no Robin. Yes, the Batman Ninja trailer also shows all of Batman's former peers who became Robin. Starting from Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin now. They appear to participate in the war and help Batman to fight the Joker and its allies.

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<p> <em> The Batman Ninja Trailer </em> also shows how the film wants to emphasize the combination of costume design of each character with elements of the classical Japanese era. Starting from the armor-style samurai and ninja armored weapons that will also characterize weapons during the Japanese war. </p>
<p> Even battle scenes between Batman and Joker one of them involves a duel of a sword on the roof of a Japanese building. The battle between the samurai and the ninja is certainly less exciting if there is no sword fighting risking his life. </p>
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