What's The Relationship Between Kiba and Tamaki? This is the Dog and Cats Love Story from Konoha


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<h4 style= Do Kiba and Tamaki have a special relationship? Check out the following story of dog and cat lovers!

Kiba Inuzuka is a Ninja who is contemporary with Naruto Uzumaki who is now a Hokage. Some of Naruto's friends have established relationships and built a family. What about Kiba?

Though most of them have built a family, yet there are friends of Naruto's own embrace, for example Shino is now a teacher at the Academy, as well as Tenten who is not yet clear on his current life, whether he remains alone, or maybe, he is the mother of Metal Lee (maybe loh, yes).

Kiba is a bit unique. He is not alone, and is in a relationship, but he is not married formally. Then, with whom? Kiba is currently in a relationship with Tamaki, as this is the story.

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Who is Tamaki?

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<p style= Tamaki is a girl who lives with her grandmother, Nekobaa in an abandoned city, named Sora-Ku. Nekobaa and Tamaki underwent a logistical business such as clothing and weapons.

Nekobaa's shop is where the Uchiha family supplies all the necessities they need, and Sasuke and Little Itachi often visit this place. In this shop, Nekobaa and Tamaki keep a lot of cats, because that also the grandmother has the nickname of Nekobaa (Grandma Kucing). Of course they are a talking Ninja cat.

In Naruto Shippuden before the meeting with Kiba, Tamaki was also re-shown when Hebi's team formed by Sasuke came to collect supplies at Nekobaa's shop.


Initial Meeting

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<p style= Kiba and Tamaki first met in the anime Naruto Shippuden episode 498. Kiba and Shino are still looking for suitable gifts for Naruto and Hinata weddings, but have yet to make a choice. Finally they came to their teacher's house, Kurenai for advice.

Kurenai tells about the Senju clan who often give gifts of honey sake at weddings. But Naruto and Hinata are both not drinking alcohol. Finally determined, they both will still reward the honey because the alcohol content is only a little and can be used for the ingredients full of cuisine.

Honey is very rare, but in the city of Sora-Ku, there is a beekeeper who can give honey sake. Depart Kiba, Shino and Akamaru to this city. Here Kiba met a Ninja cat who could speak, and turned out to belong to Tamaki.

How is it going? Who falls in love first? Check the next page.


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