What?! Manga Gintama Will Be Over In 2 Chapter Again?!


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<h4 style= Bad news for you all the manga fans Gintama . Rumored, Gintama will be finished in two chapter again!

The long-anticipated fans Gintama will finally arrive, the manga Gintama is nearing the end of the story, and we must get ready to say goodbye to this Hideaki Sorachi masterpiece.

This news originally spread through the YonkouProduction Twitter account which is already famous among Shonen Jump's fans because it often leaked something about the manga there.

Give me below the cuitan uttered YonkouProductions:

It says " Gintama ends in the tenth issue." The point here is the weekly magazine issue of Shonen Jump. Do you know? Currently Shonen Jump weekly magazine has entered the 8th issue, which means, Gintama will be finished in 2 chapter ! The 9th issue will be present on January 29, 2018, which means chapter

Though not yet officially confirmed, YonkouProductions has often leaked something that will actually happen. For example, the author himself has made about YonkouProduction leaking the manga Hunter x Hunter will continue, and truly continue! You can read here

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<p style= Many are speculating, is it true that manga Gintama will end in two chapter ? Some assume that the fight will enter the climax in two chapter and has not yet finished (to be honest, the author also hopes so).

But if you follow the manga, then you will realize that the possibility of graduation in two chapter is really quite possible. Why? The most recent chapter Gintama is 667.

In chapter 667, Utsuro as the last enemy has lost his ability, and Gintoki and his comrades arms hand in hand to beat Utsuro at that moment. The cover chapter itself is like showing Utsuro who was ready to lose and die.

It could be, in chapter 668, Utsuro was defeated by Gintoki, and there must have been farewell words before it actually lost. The earth can again be seized, the battle against the entire galaxy ends.

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<p style= In chapter 669, possibly an epilogue that tells some time after Utsuro was defeated. Edo returns to peace, Shinsengumi returns to guard the city, and Yorozuya continues to operate as usual.

That is the most likely possibility if Gintama will be finished in two chapter . Hideaki Sorachi himself might have wanted to put his pen down, and wanted to enjoy his hard work all along, with his graduation Gintama .

[1945909] Could also, two chapter were just the end of the Silver Soul storyline, and there may be some chapter before Gintama completely finished, who knows is not it?

Do not be sad, because the anime Gintama which airs the Silver Soul storyline still airs weekly, at least Gintoki and the others have not really left. What do you think? It is ready because Gintama will be finished

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