What Makes It If Nobita Smart? Probably Genesis 6 Things Here!


In your wildest brain, do you think what would happen if Nobita was created as a clever person? Maybe this is the scenario that happened in animanganya!

Nobita is the main character of the manga made by Fujiko F. Fujio. Whether in the manga or anime, Nobita is portrayed as a weak, careless, ignorant and lazy character. In fact he often scores zero in his school.

Fortunately, Nobita meets with Doraemon, a robot cat that comes from the future. Doraemon often helps Nobita who is in trouble using the magical tools that are in his pocket.

But usually, Nobita more often makes a mess when using the tool Doraemon. It can not be separated from Nobita's careless and stupid attitude.

Well what happens if Fujiko F. Fujio created Nobita as a smart character or a genius? Maybe the scenario would be like this!


Beating Dekisugi

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<p style= As is known, the smartest character in the animanga Doraemon is Hidetoshi Dekisugi. In the story, Dekisugi is Nobita's classmate whose grades are always perfect. Outside the school, Dekisugi also has a friendly and kind nature. Even Shizuka had a heart to the handsome Dekisugi.

Well if Nobita becomes smart, no more stories got a zero score during the exam. Of course, Nobita can also defeat Dekisugi who is known as the smartest pupil of a school.


Getting Shizkua's Love with Ease

Who the hell is not gobsmacked by Shizuka's beauty? Moreover, Shizuka also good at playing piano and violin. In the animanganya, Shizuka was told would marry Nobita. But as a child, Shizuka in fact prefers the handsome and clever Dekisugi than Nobita.

If Nobita was smart, maybe she would not have to struggle to attract Shizuka's heart and wait for an adult to get the heart of the woman whose hair was tied up.


Nobita Gak Siri Giant & Suneo

Tsuneo and Giant are two children who often disturb Nobita's life. Giant is portrayed as a big-bodied character and often vent his anger to Nobita. While suneo is a rich kid who often bought luxury toys by his parents. Sometimes it makes Nobita jealous.

If Nobita is smart, he might not want to be friends again with Giant and Suneo. Nobita prefers to mix with young executives and makes the company start up alone.

There is a more severe scenario if Nobita is made smart. Check it out on the second page.

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